How To Change YouTube Channel URL : 2014 Update

Earlier today, I shared a tutorial on how to create multiple YouTube channels on one Google account. If you create a channel by following the steps in that tutorial, you'll have a default unique channel URL that looks something like this:

You can see that it is quite complicated and hard to remember. If you'd like a simpler URL, you can add a custom URL to your Channel. To add a custom URL, follow me through the steps below:

change youtube username url

  •  Make sure you're signed into YouTube, and go to your advanced account settings here.
  •  Under Channel Settings, click Create customised URL.
  •  You'll then be able to choose the URL you want. Note that you can't choose a URL that someone's already chosen. Once you've chosen your custom URL, it will appear like this:

Once your channel has a custom URL, it can't be changed. Choose carefully!


If you had or have a traditional YouTube username on your channel, then you unfortunately can't add a custom URL or change your URL. Your channel already has a URL associated with your old username, like the following:
I hope this helps.

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  1. Worked perfectly. Thanks Jide

  2. Anonymous7/06/2014

    So easy. Thx boss. I hope to see you upload many tutorial videos to Ogbongeblog channel oo

    1. Yes, working on that.. Kindly subscribe to the channel

  3. This is nice, but is just a pity that I am still trying to learn how to start creating video for my site too.
    Nice one Pro...

    1. OK bro. You can bookmark the page or come back here by the time you are ready to create channels on Youtube

  4. Good showbiz gist on

  5. Jide, I am one of the people who really admire your blog. You are Unique and not like other Nigerian bloggers who just wouldnt stop to show off screenshots of their earnings, post about their personal achievements etc, without adding any value to the lives of their readers. Keep up your good works, I am in love with your style. You can checkout my blog here: where I post a couple of helpful tips too.
    Keep it up bro and may you be richly rewarded.
    I am looking forward to more inspiring posts......

    1. Thanks for stopping by bro. I've checked your blog. It's cool. I can see it's more of a business blog. Try and focus on that instead of mixing it with some random topics. Noticed some of your post titles are so long. Try making them shorter. The shorter, the better. Well done bro.


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