How To Set Up CPM Bidding in Google Adwords

Yesterday, I decided to experiment with the CPM bidding instead of the CPC so as to test which one will work better for the promotion of my bulk SMS site on Google display partner sites using Google Adwords.
Types of adwords campaigns

I opted for the "Search Network with Display Select" option when setting up the campaign. When I got to the point where I will have to select my bidding strategy, I didn't see any option to make the campaign focus on impressions (CPM bidding). This baffled me.

I decided to check the Adwords forum for tips on how to set up CPM bidding and fortunately, I stumbled on a thread which explains how to create a campaign that focuses on impressions using Google Adwords.

According to the thread, you can only setup CPM bidding when you have chosen the "Display Network Only" option when setting up your campaign. Selecting this option, automatically enables the CPM bidding option via the campaign settings tab, thereby allowing you to choose whether to focus on clicks (CPC) or impressions (CPM).

Adwords CPM bidding

With CPM bidding, you bid for your ad based on how often it appears on the Google Display Network. You set the max amount you want to pay for 1000 impressions, whether your ads are clicked or not.

This bidding type is recommended to businesses that just want to get their name in front of more people, i.e businesses that care more about ad views than about clicks and visits to their websites.


  1. Ibrahim7/05/2014

    Noted. Thanks bro

  2. Anonymous7/05/2014

    So, if I am to promote my blog to make it more popular, you suggest i opt in for CPM bidding right?

    1. Yes but you can use CPC bidding if you've got products or services you are selling on the blog.

  3. That's cool @least 4 every 1000 views 20 people must click the ads than paying like 1$ per click.....Bro how about what u wia saying Remove adsense on the landing page does it still apply? Thanks

    1. No guarantee that you will get 20 clicks per 1000 impressions bro. Yes, removing Adsense still applies..

  4. CPM bidding is good, if you are able to put your ads on placements, you could run at loss, if your Ads appear on popular sites that get more than 1000 impressions within few minutes thus without any click volume to your destination, If you are using CPM , i will advice you add your targets as placements, or topic or Exact keywords, this can help make ads more relevant, and could drive clicks. I still prefer CPC, with cpc i could go as low as Avg CPC of $0.05 and get more traffic.Like jide said CPM is Should mainly be used by businesses for Awareness and its mostly expensive (ROI will be low for a blog). Great post!


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