Receive Western Union Money Transfer in Nigeria at Quickteller in Easy Steps

Last week, a client contacted me from Russia, to sponsor a post on my blog and decided to pay me using Western union money transfer. After receiving the MTCN and other details needed for me to cash the money, I went to a nearby bank only to be told that the person in charge is not on the desk.

Instead of wasting my precious time waiting, I went back to the office to try because I've seen their adverts claiming one can use the site to cash western union money transfers in Nigeria.  After filling all the details required to receive my money, I waited for it to be verified.

Few hours later, I received email and sms alerts that my transaction has been processed.  I also received alerts from my bank that I've received online money transfer from Quickteller.

So, if you are looking for where to receive western union money transfers, you can also try using Quickteller. As long as you have a GTBank, StanbicIBTC, Wema or Skye Bank account, you will receive your money directly into your bank account.

Follow me through the steps below:

  •  Go to and sign in to your account. Sign up if you are a new user. 
  •  Select "Receive Money" from the drop down menu
  •  A new page will open, then click the "Western Union" tile
  •  Select "Naira" from the drop down box under your bank logo.
  •  Click “Receive money now” under your bank logo. The Western Union – Receive Money data page opens
  •  Fill the sender and receiver details in the spaces provided.
  •  Click "continue"
  •  A new page will open for you to verify the details supplied. If all is correct, click, "confirm".
If the form reloads after clicking "confirm", click the "confirm" button again. .

Thereafter, you should see a confirmation page and also receive a confirmation text message.

quickteller western union confirmation

Then wait for Quickteller to verify the details provided with the bank and with Western Union. Once confirmed, your account will be credited with the transferred sum.

That's all.

Please ensure that the details provided by the sender match those you provide so as to avoid errors and an unsuccessful transaction.

If you've received western union transfers with Quickteller how long did it take for your account to be credited?

Do you know alternative sites one can use to cash western union money in Nigeria?


  1. Nice share. I guess Paga does similar thing too

    1. I tried myPaga and was told I have to register with some agents before I can use the service. That's a long thing..

  2. Yes it works but when I used it, it was the next day that the money reflect in my bank account. By that time, I was even preparing to go to the bank for normal pick up.

  3. free thinker7/05/2014

    Does a person need a domiciliary account to use western union.

    1. I used my GTBank savings account.

  4. Anonymous7/06/2014

    Thanks.I have Wema saving account that I can use when next I receive Western Union .

  5. Anonymous7/23/2014

    bro u actually mean this will credit my skyban acct in few hrs, bcos i dont think i can wait for the nonsense nigeria banks are known for

  6. Thanks for sharing bro! You will always have good stuff to share...Blessings!

  7. This is helpful. Very helpful.

  8. Anonymous12/26/2014

    I did it and it worked on Tues 23.On Wednesday the 24th it told me I needed additional data.All the information I filled out is correct. I even have the senders form via email.Is it a server problem, or has the system crashed over the festive period.What do I do?Please help me.

    1. I used it successfully yesterday on Christmas day, probably network problem keep trying it.

  9. Have used quickteller more than 50 times and the money always reflect immediately not even upto 5seconds...But just this very one i tried receive during xmas season money not yet reflect..i think its server problem..quickteller is the best...

  10. I'm currently in the US and I want to send some money to my gtb account at home. Is this gonna work? Actually sending money to yourself? All the comments here just explained how you can receive. I'm a bit confused if the similarities in the receiver and senders names could cause an error and also what are the transfer fees like? I hope to hear from you soonest. Thanks

  11. Anonymous12/04/2015

    I used the WU receive money here on quick telller and gave me error but money was picked immediately and didn’t show on my account

  12. Anonymous4/21/2016

    Please Mr.jide whats
    answer the test question.

  13. Sir what will I fill as answer to test question when receiving western union money

  14. Anonymous2/04/2017

    Hello please what should i write on this fields... expected amount. i am expecting $200 but i don't know the exchange rate it will be to my bank (Diamond bank) an secondly the field of * Answer to test question* what should i write there. Or should i ask the sender what to fill in that last section?


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