Opening a PayPal Account in Nigeria with FirstBank Ltd : The Basics

Last month, First Bank of Nigeria Ltd; a leading Nigerian commercial bank with over 750 branches across Nigeria, announced their exclusive partnership with PayPal in a deal that promises to make it easier for FirstBank customers to pay and get paid globally; in a manner that is seamless, secure and convenient.

Bisi Onasanya (FirstBank Group Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer) & Efi Dahal (PayPal Regional Director, Sub-Saharan Africa & Israel) signing the partnership agreement.

If you don't know what PayPal means, it is a global payment service that enables you to make payments securely on the Internet, accept payments, and send or receive money without revealing your financial information. PayPal users can send and receive money, and make payments for goods and services with merchants who accept PayPal as a means of payment.

The PayPal-FirstBank Nigeria partnership syncs with FirstBank’s enhanced service solutions. Enrolment on FirstBank’s Internet Banking (FirstOnline) gives you instant access to all of PayPal’s service offerings.

Hence, FirstBank Internet-banking customers can now open a PayPal account from their FirstOnline account and use their FirstBank debit or credit card to shop and pay online on millions of websites around the world from their PCs or smartphones without having to share their card details with merchants and the reassurance of a PayPal Buyer Protection.

Opening a PayPal account in Nigeria via FirstOnline is absolutely free!

According to the FAQs page on First Bank website, a PayPal account created on FirstBank’s Internet Banking (FirstOnline) is activated and verified instantly. You do not need to go through any other form of activation or verification. As you are operating from FirstBank secure online banking environment, PayPal will trust your account and lift restrictions usually applied on new PayPal accounts.

When logged in to the FirstOnline platform, you can also select different Cards to attach with PayPal and choose the Card you wish to use when making payment. FirstBank MasterCard and Visa cards (which are enabled for online international transactions) can easily be linked to your PayPal account (Verve Acceptance is currently being explored).

How Do I Create A PayPal Account through FirstOnline?

To get started, walk in to a nearby First Bank branch to apply for First Bank Internet banking. Once activated, you can log in to FirstOnline at to create your PayPal account.

I've applied for FirstOnline and waiting for it to be activated. Once activated and I successfully create a verified PayPal account via the platform, I will shed more light on the Paypal account opening process.

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  1. Wow! Sounds interesting. I have an acct with the bank but no internet banking. Jide pls share the info once your account is activated so I can apply too.

  2. Anonymous8/14/2014

    I also read somewhere that one can receive payments with Paypal account opened via FirstBank. How true is that Jide?

    1. Anonymous8/18/2014

      It's not true. Read their FAQ page.

  3. It's very true, you will add your first bank account to your Paypal account so that your money will be coming and going through FBN

  4. Can i Receive payment with it

  5. So how do one get a FirstOnline registration done?
    at their office or is there an online registration for it?

    1. Anonymous8/18/2014

      You have to go to their office and fill the Internet banking form, and you would also require a token, which costs 2100 naira. Your Internet banking detail would be sent via email to you.

  6. Anonymous10/30/2014

    but you can't receive money which is the main reason we need it as we are online business men so it's useless for now

  7. Anonymous3/13/2015

    how did you fund your paypal account using first bank? plz mail me

  8. Danola6/15/2015

    Please, how can I receive Paypal payments in Nigeria?
    My email address is:

  9. Kudos to you my man.That is why I like you.


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