Convert XLS : Free Software That Converts XLSB File To XLS

Yesterday, while trying to access the phone numbers of people in Lagos, Nigeria in my GSM database, the Microsoft Excel program on my laptop couldn't open it. Whenever I double-click on it, it keeps telling me that Excel cannot open the file because the file format or extension is not valid.

After looking closely at the file, I discovered that the file ends with .xlsb extension (Excel Binary Workbook file) which is not compatible with the version of Excel on my laptop. I tried using to convert it to xls but the online file converter couldn't process the request.

I decided to google how to convert .xlsb to .xls and I was lucky to stumble on a review of the free "Convert XLS" software; Microsoft Binary Workbook Conversion and Manipulation tool. I downloaded it to my laptop, installed it and successfully used it to convert the file to xls format which opens fine in Microsoft Excel.

interface of convert xls software
Convert XLS software

How To Convert an XLSB File to XLS

==> Download Convert XLS Software
==> Launch it and Select "Convert Files"
==> Select "Ms Excel" conversion method. (Requires that you have MS Excel 2007 or greater installed)
==> Select the input file (the .xlsb file)
==> In the "Convert To File Format" dropdown, select .xls
==> Enter the path for the converted file in the "output file" field
==> Click the "Convert" button at the top of the interface.

Monitor the conversion process on the progress bar at the bottom of the interface. Once completed, open the xls file and you should be able to acccess the content with the Ms Excelfile on your PC.

That's all.