7 Tips for Ad dynamo Advertisers To Increase Campaign Performance

While trying to find out how retargeting works on Addynamo, I stumbled on some tricks shared on Addynamo website. If you've been running some online ad campaings using the Ad dynamo ad network, below are tips to optimize performance of your campaings:

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1. Use CPM for Brand Awareness Campaigns

Although, CPC (Cost Per Click) is rated as the most cost effective form of advertising, you may try opting in for the CPM (Cost per Impression) bidding model if you only want to use the ad campaign to create awareness for your brand.

Ad Dynamo scores ads based on historic performance. Hence, if you use CPC bidding model and your ads have a low click through rate, they will probably be shown progressively less on the Ad Dynamo network of publishers.

Altering the campaign to a CPM bid will effectively instruct Ad Dynamo to ignore the click through rate & your ads will enjoy greater exposure.

NB: You can only select your bidding method (Pay per click or Pay per Impression) when creating a campaign on Addynamo.

2. Create Multiple Campaigns & Ad Groups

If you're running campaigns across multiple countries, it makes sense to monitor the performance of each country individually. You can do this by creating a seperate campaign for each country that is targeted. You can select country to be targeted via the "campaign Settings" on Addynamo.

When you're advertising multiple products or services, it makes sense to create a seperate AdGroup for each product in order to properly evaluate the performance of each respective product. i.e if you create a campaign for your Nigeria online fashion store, you should create seperate AdGroups for men office shirts, women dresses etc

3. Multiple Creatives/Advertisement

The more ad sizes that you load into an AdGroup, the more exposure you can win without adjusting your bid per click.  This is because your ads will qualify for a wider selection of relevant publishers.

Hence, instead of just promoting your product with just a text ad, try to create ad banners of sizes supported by Ad dynamo and upload them to your adgroup.

If you need someone to create ad banners for you, contact me.

4. Enable Google Analytics Option

When creating a campaign you're presented with an option to activate Google Analytics Tracking. If enabled, it will let you  access via Google Analytics, data of traffic generated to your website by Ad Dynamo and more valuable information that can assist you to optimize your campaign.

If enabled, you can view your Addynamo Ad campaign stats at Google Analytics via "Acquisition" > "Campaigns".

5. Enable Ad Dynamo Run of Network Option

The "Run of Network" feature of Addynamo has replaced Keyword targeting. It lets advertisers target all the websites of Addynamo publishers unless they have chosen to disable Run of Network. This will allow you to target a lot of websites through activating it allowing your campaign to achieve good results.

6. Don't Use A Very Low CPC When Targeting Sites

The ad dynamo platform works on a bidding system so the advertisers with the highest bid will have their adverts displayed on a specific website. If you use a very low CPC, your ad campaigns might not record any impression.

According to my Addynamo account manager, the Nigerian average is around $0.12 and $0.18. Hence, altering the CPC of your ad campaign to fall within that range will definitely increase your campaign performance.

7. Track Conversions

A Conversion represents an activity on your website that you would like to track against your advertising campaign. Examples of conversions include: a sale, a lead, a view of an important web page. By tracking conversions, you can monitor the cost per lead, or cost per conversion - effectively helping you to
measure the return on investment (ROI) of your ad campaign.

You can record conversions for your ads by inserting the Addynamo conversion code on your website. Place it on the page where the conversion should be recorded. You can get the code via the "Advanced" tab on the Addynamo Campaigns page.

If you know other tips that can improve campaign performance, kindly share via comments.

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Vicky said…
Thanks for these tips. You rock boss
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9z Tips#Boss
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I love to see information that really help my site grow in traffic. thanks boss
Jide Ogunsanya said…
You're welcome bro
Larry Frank said…
Nice one boss. But I'm not thinking of going back to addynamo. Thanks for sharing the tips anyway.
Useless addynamo,i removed their shit from my blog after 2 years,with more than 3.5 million page views,i earned 100 dollar from them..2years - 100 dollar
kester eke said…
Oga Jide pls how can I credit my addynamo acc.? I will like to discuss personally with you cud of my blog low traffic
Option to pay with credit card is not in my account except for Bank deposit.