Want To Know What The Government Is Doing For You? Use This App

The amazing Forward Nigeria mobile app is now available for download. This new mobile app is the first of its kind in Nigeria and has a number of exciting features.

Receive development, policy, and project updates via push notifications, watch videos, upload content, and take part in interactive surveys and a host of other things all with the Forward Nigeria app which deploys cutting edge technology and has exciting features.

Some of the Features of this app include:

  • News Feed: Stay abreast of happenings about the Government and its efforts to move Nigeria Forward.
  • Photos and videos:  View the latest photos and videos.
  • Camera Upload: Share you photos showing how Nigeria is progressing for a chance to have them featured in the app.
  • Augmented Reality: Watch a video come to life simply by pointing your mobile device at any of our posters.
  • Surveys: Share your views through interactive surveys.

Forward Nigeria App Download Links

The app is available as free download at Google Play store, iTunes app store. Also available as web app for Blackberry devices. Below are the download links: 


  1. Anonymous9/25/2014


  2. I do think this is a step in the right direction!

  3. Though this is actually a great move by the government, i still believe that Nigeria persistently don't want to tell themselves truth. Things like this are only valued and utilized within the first few weeks, maybe months or even years before its either dumped or be abused/flooded with irrelevant contents here and there. Politicians will use it for their own selfish desires and before you know it, its dead. I believe its high time they do something better and worth it.


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