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Few days back, I published a post about; a site that allows advertisers to buy ad spaces from publishers that have listed their adzones available for sale on the site. If you are a publisher (site owner or blogger), I'm sharing with you in this post, how to post your ad zones on AdAfri so that you can start making money selling your blog ad spaces on the site.

You will have to sign up at and your site application must be approved before you can post your ad zones on the site. To submit your property (website) for approval, sign in to your AdAfri account, click on "dashboard" and click on "Submit New Property" as seen in the screenshot below:

Fill in the details and submit your website for approval. Ensure you place the AdAfri script (code) in the ”Head” part of your website because AdAfri will track your website or blog for 2-7 days as part of the approval process.

If you own a Blogspot/Blogger blog, place the code above </head>  in your blog's html. If you own a WordPress blog, you will have to edit the header.php file and place the code in it as seen in the screenshot below:

Once your site application is approved, you can sign in to AdAfri, click on "Dashboard", then click on "Add New Ad Zone".

You will see a web form similar to the screenshot below:

Fill in the details and click "Submit".

After you have submitted your ad zone, it will automatically show in the marketplace as seen below:

It will also show on your site if you add the codes of the zone to your site.

Advertisers will see your AdZones at AdAfri marketplace and on your site to purchase your ad zones. Once an advertiser purchases your adzone, AdAfri automatically posts the ad to your website once the payment is processed and ad placement is approved by you.

You get paid through your voguePay account or local bank account every 29th of every month if you've earned up to the ayout amount. Minimum payout amount is 5000 Naira or $40.

I hope this helps.

If you've got questions, ask via comments.

You can read how AdAfri Works here.


  1. Matilda10/19/2014

    Thanks Jide but can I submit more than one blog for approval?

    1. Yes, you can. Each blog you submit, will go through the approval process.

  2. Anonymous10/19/2014

    Where will I get the code that will let advertisers buy the ad zones from my blog?

    1. After creating your ad zone, the code will be displayed for you to copy and paste to your site.

  3. Very informative post. i have to integrate mine to to earn some cash.Thank bro but pls dont forget to reply me regarding what i sent to you via inbox nd email

  4. This one is really useful, and very much compatible for bloggers from Nigeria and countries near us, you know? many good bloggers would have been earning more if not for restrictions which similar sites like AdAfri have placed especially at receiving Payments.

  5. I ll definitely try it out for my blog. Thanks

  6. Oh! great i will give it a try

  7. Mr Jide, Like how many Views must ur blog be getting monthly before u can be able to apply for this??


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