How To Change Domain Name To .Com

This is a guest post compiled by +Fakeye Olasunkanmi  for OgbongeBlog blogs comes with a free address, like

If you have one of such blogs, you can get rid of the part and use a custom domain name instead, like Unlike Blogger which allows you to change to .com for free, setting up a custom domain for a blog is a paid upgrade.

  •  Registering a domain through starts at $18.00 per domain, per year (see below for a detailed price list)
  •  Adding a domain you already own costs $13.00 per domain, per year.
  •  You pay extra $8.00 (optional) for Private Registration upgrade, which will protect your identity and hide your contact information.

Why is this important?

    ==> Your own domain name looks way better on your business cards
    ==> You can have email addresses on the same domain name (like
    ==> You can create subdomains (such as

As a web designer, I have been asked many times on how to map domain in WordPress and I earn doing it for others. With my experience in it I have decided to provide step by step guide with pictures (simplified but inline with help article) to help any novice not too lazy to set it up. Thus, the steps below:

1.       Log in to
2.       Then visit

3.       Click REGISTER A NEW DOMAIN. See screenshot.

4.       Input your choice domain and click SEARCH. See screenshot:

5.       If your chosen domain is available, click on REGISTER NOW.
6.       Select "No Thanks; I don't need email with this domain"……. and click on "Continue To Registration".

7.       Fill the registration details for your chosen domain.
8.       Click REGISTER WITHOUT PRIVACY PROTECTION. See screenshot below:

9.       Thereafter, click JUST NORMAL REGISTRATION.

10.   You will be taken to PURCHASE PAGE. Choose to use Credit Card or PAYPAL (I recommend Paypal). See screenshot below:

If successful, you should see: 

11.   Congratulations. You have successfully purchased your domain name.

12.   Thereafter, update your domain to be the primary domain used for your blog on the My Domains page :

It will automatically switch in few minutes if not other custom or subdomain is attached to your site.

That's all.

Any question, contribution, correction is welcomed via the comment box below and you can hire me to do the service for a token.

Happy Mapping :) 

This post was written by +Fakeye Olasunkanmi . You can check out his blog at : and co-founder of


Lois said…
Bookmarked. Thanks for the share. Kinda expensive though..
Osakwe Jindu said…
How good is payment with credit card? paypal is out of reach for now
Am sorry for late response (just seeing this),
Your credit card also serves the same thing. Give it a try sir!
Thanks and Welcome ma!
Thanks for your comment Lois...Hope to see reduction in the fees from wordpress soonest.
Better to buy hosting and use Hence you enjoy all the benefits of plugins and the wordpress itself.
Anonymous said…
Hi. I currently own a wordpress blog but I could not buy a domain name because they don't accept payment from Nigeria.
I'm thinking of switching to blogger. Please can you put me through with a step by step guide on how to purchase my own domain name and link it to my blogger blog since that's what you have done?