Free Viewing On DsTv

Multichoice has announced that from November 15 to December 7 2014, DsTv subscribers can enjoy free viewing on exciting French channels.

This simply means for the next 3 weeks starting from tomorrow Sat 15 Nov, they will have fun watching amazing programs and improve their french skills on Channels 720 to 745 including TF1, Sport+, Tiji & more.

If you are a Nigerian, this might not make any sense to you but remember that DsTV have opened up their channels to all subscribers on several occasions and I am sure they will notify you when another one is confirmed.

watch cable Tv free

If you opened this post thinking you will get a trick on how to watch all DsTv channels for free, I laugh in french. Multichoice is not that

Anyway,don't miss this great opportunity to open up the french culture.

Tell your friends! :)


Dave said…
loool. I laugh in French too. Stingy company. I don't blame them though
Anonymous said…
Lol.Jide u no well
chai, I actually tot they have opened all the channel like they used to do occasionally... Mtchew
dat is a good news
Daayur said…
funny multichoice, y only french Channels and not the entire
Jide Ogunsanya said…
lol. You no well too : )