Custom Permalink Feature in Blogger. How Do I Use it?

When you write a blog post, Blogger automatically generates a permalink (a URL that links to a blog post) from the title of the post. if you prefer to customize the link, you can do so with the custom permalink feature in Blogger. It was one of the suite of SEO features integrated into Blogger in 2012 to enable users effectively customize their search preferences.

I use it alot every-time I compose my posts. It makes it possible for me to generate URLs that provide readers with more information about my posts when scanning search engines results. Atimes, when you fail to use it, Blogger might end up auto-generating a URL that might not really make sense for your blog post.

How To Use Blogger Custom Permalink

To create your own URL for a specific post, go to the Compose page and enter a title for your blog post.

Click on "Links" in the Post Settings box.

Allow Blogger to auto-calculate the permalink. Once completed, click on the 'Custom Permalink" option.

You should see the editable permalink generated by Blogger

Edit it as desired. You can also delete all and retype whatever you want there.

Click DONE.

That's all.


==> Separate each word with -
==> Avoid words like "of", "the", "is", "from" etc
==> The shorter, the better.
==> Each blog post must have a unique permalink.
==> You can't edit permalink of an existing post. It's only for new posts. 

I hope this helps.


  1. Very correct bro Jide. I use this and its very good for SEO

  2. Yes.. Ure correct.. Though i forgot to use it on my last post.. The thing pain me well.

  3. Thanks for sharing, but why shouldnt keywords be added?

    1. I didn't say so. But dont add keywords in a way that will make it meaningless

  4. Absolutely right, one of the best seo tricks

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  6. Well understood. Thanks. Have a happy new year.

  7. Thanks for this invaluable secret. I know it exists in blogger but I've not been using it but I'll start from my next post. Happy new year.

  8. Happy new jide. Thanks for the share. You rock

  9. Thanks very much for this post. I have always wondered what it was used for .


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