Cj Affiliate Check Not Delivered Since May 2014

When Jumia Affiliate Program was powered by Cj.com, I earned some dollars from it. I could still remember when I earned $27.50 from the sale of one product for Jumia Online Shopping Site. By the end of March 2014, my total earnings summed up to $100 which is CJ's minimum payment threshold. Ever since then, I've been anxious to receive my first check from Commission Junction (Cj).

Whenever I sign in to my cj.com account, I keep seeing that my check was sent on the 28th of May, 2014 but I've not received it till this very moment. Imagine, it's almost 10 months. I've received many Adsense checks at the same address in my CJ account, so I keep wondering why I'm yet to receive my CJ check at the same address.

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It's quite unfortunate that Cj doesn't offer anyway to track the check and publishers have to pay $40 to receive checks via FedEX. Besides that, you will have to pay $25 for your check to be re-issued if lost in the mail. The direct deposit payment option is not even available for Nigerians.

I read somewhere on their site that if your check is returned to Commission Junction because it was not deliverable, they will reissue another check at no charge. If this is the case, I wonder how come a check not delivered for almost 10 months has not been re-issued till this very moment.

This challenge has really discouraged me from using the site. My account was even deactivated for dormancy but reactivated today when I decided to check the status of my check.

I've contacted the support and hope to read from them soon.

Have you ever received commission junction check in Nigeria?

What's your take on this?


  1. You have to let them know you haven't received the check then they will reissue another one. I had $140 or so stuck with 2checkout. Check arrived after it had expired. I applied for another one which is yet to arrive sinceeeeee and I was even charged for it sef.

    Hopefully PayPal will soon allow us to receive money too and that will solve a lot of foreign payments wahala.

    1. I've contacted them and still waiting to hear from them. I think I will rather pay fedex to bring it than to pay for reissue which might still not get to me. Buy paying $40 to fedex for $100 check is somehow....

  2. That is very much unfair. I hope positive action is taken on the issue as soon as possible.

  3. Wow, this is really discouraging. I've been thinking of using the CJ affiliate program on my site (planning to start this week) cuz I'm really enjoying Konga Affiliate Program, in fact, they even paid today but the issue you're facing with them now is not so good. I hope they reply your message ASAP. But my question is - " Is this problem from Jumia or CJ itself ?"

    1. Problem from Cj, not jumia. Jumia has approved the earnings and not responsible for payment processing. The payment even includes earnings from sales for AVG...

  4. Jide,

    I currently have no business with CJ but I'll advise you pay the express shipping cost of $40 and be certain you receive your check at the end of the day...

    Sometime ago, I applied for the Payoneer card. This card is basically free (surface mail shipping inclusive). But for 3 times, I never received the card and for 3 times, Payoneer was gracious enough to send me a replacement...which I never got.

    In the end, reality dawned and I had to accept that the card was "lost in the mail".

    Express shipping by DHL cost $60 (then) but in 4 days, I had my card - and was relieved. Sometimes, strange things happen to us Nigerians who do business online. And sometimes, we need to spend more as a result!


    1. Hi Terunga,

      Thanks for. Sharing your experience. Yes, I want to opt in for the express delivery. I just hope CJ won't deduct the $25 to reissue the check. If they do, that means am going to lose $65 from the $100. Imagine that..

  5. Bro please how do i redirect to mobile view when user is viewing with mobile.... am new in blogger please help

    1. This not related to this post. Kindly mail me pls

  6. Hi Jide
    You said when jumia was powered by CJ, so what about now, Jumia is no longer powered by CJ? hearing this got me weak , i intend to use jumia affiliate soon.


    1. Jumia affiliate program is no longer powered by cj. Jumia is now using another platform for the affiliate program.

  7. Pls what is Jumia's new platform and is it reliable ?? Cause if they can't pay a whole you, what of us who aren't known sef?

  8. Hi Jide

    Did you later withdraw the fund from cj ? because i have funds with them that am expecting from FedEx.


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