CJ Affiliate Program Video Tutorials

Few days back, I published a blog post about my CJ affiliate check that has not been delivered to me since May 2014. Ever since then, some Nigerian bloggers have been mailing me to explain to them, how to make money from Cj Affiliate program. Today, I've decided to share CJ Affiliate Program video tutorials with you, which I believe will guide anyone on how to get the best out of the program.

They are official videos released and uploaded online by Cj for those interested in their affiliate program. The short video tutorials will get you set up quickly, connect with relevant advertisers, and earn money for the content you create. The 2-3 min videos can be helpful refreshers as well.

cj affiliate program videos

In the videos, you will see how to....

  •  Sign up on Cj.com and create your network profile
  • Apply to advertiser programs on Cj.com
  • Get creative; including: Cj affiliate text links, banners, and products
  • Put CJ links on your site
  • Earn CJ commissions
  • Track reports and payments
You can watch the Cj Affiliate Program Video tutorials here.

I hope this helps.

If there is any other thing you need to know about the Cj affiliate program, feel free to ask me.


Sadiq Muhammad said…
waoo educative enough bro Gbayi
Don Ocso said…
That program is on a long thing, it takes lot of time for the money to add up.
Jide Ogunsanya said…
You're welcome bro
Jide Ogunsanya said…
So, you expect them to dash you money when u don't make sales? Bros, its not a ppc program like Adsense. So, if u dont sell anything for an advertiser for 5years, u wont make a dime. You have to sell...
that's cool bro. Buh really need ur help on something. Buh dunno maybe i can get ur whatsapp no
Lanre Adetoro said…
Bro please Tell me how to redirect users to my mobile template on blogger and how to create categories...... and how i can manage my dashboard without pc on opera mini or android..... Email lanreadetoro@gmail.com
Peace Itimi said…
how can i make money with 9jahub.com..i have over 70k members and over 5k daily online members... give me tips bro
Godstime akwah said…
How can I receive my checks on cj program and is it a pay per click program