Fund Dealdey Account Instantly With Quickteller

Earlier today while trying to order for 8 deals on dealdey.com, I realized the funds in my account won't be enough. So, I decided to try adding money to my dealdey wallet using the quickteller option. I used my GTB Naira Mastercard and my account was funded instantly

This made it possible for me to complete my order immediately without delay compared to the "Cash deposit" option which would have kept me waiting till dealdey confirms my payment.

To add money to your dealdey account with quickteller,follow me through the steps below:

==> Sign in to your dealdey account here
==> Move your mouse over the small arrow right beside the "cart" icon at the top right corner of the screen

Dealdey wallet photo

==> Click on "Wallet". You will see your DealDey account balance and the payment options
==> Click on Pay with Quickteller online

dealdey quickteller

You will be redirected to quickteller online page where you will fill an online form

==> Enter your dealdey registered email, your email address, phone number and amount
==> Click Pay

You will be redirected to the Interswitch payment gateway

==> Enter your ATM/debit card details

Once successful, you will be redirected and you can confirm your payment via your dealdey wallet.

Dealdey and Quickteller will also send you confirmation messages.

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