How To Hide Comments in WordPress Dashboard From Non-Admin Users

If you have multiple authors on your WordPress site and you don't want Authors, Editors, and Contributors to view ANY comment information(s) at all via the WordPress dashboard, you can get this done by using the Adminimize plugin for WordPress. I've successfully implemented this on one of my WordPress blogs.

Although you can do a lot with the plugin as explained in a post at WpBeginner, but in this post, I am sharing with you, how to hide comments in WordPress dashboard from non-admin users. The comments menu will be hidden as well as comments info displayed on the "At a Glance" section of the dashboard.

First thing you need to do is install and activate the Adminimize plugin. Upon activation, visit Setting » Adminimize to configure the plugin settings as explained below:

adminimize plugin for wordpress

1. Click on "Menu Options". Disable "Comments 1" for Authors, Editors, and Contributors. Click "Update Options". This will hide the "Comments" menu item on the dashboard.

2. Scroll up to the main options and click on "Dashboard Options". Disable "At a Glance" and "Activity" for Authors, Editors, and Contributors. Click "Update Options". These will hide the comments info on the dashboard.

wordpress plugin settings

That's all.

You can instantly confirm the changes if you've installed User Switching plugin. The plugin simply lets you switch between user accounts in WordPress.

I hope this helps.


Josh said…
I don't have a multi author blog for now but I've bookmarked this. Will def be useful someday. Thanks boss.
NaijaSurge said…
Thanks for the info, I,ll try it out to see how it work later today.
Oge said…
Thanks...Will definitely implement it on my blogger blog.
Damilola said…
Thanks for the tutorial.. Gonna test run it asap
dayo odunukan said…
i like and enjoyed reading this post. ive been working with WordPress lately and i really like the operation. i will try this on a client website. thanks