Take a Screenshot of a Whole Web Page Online At Web-Capture

Web-capture.net is the website I use to take a screenshot of a whole web whenever I need such screenshot in showcasing websites and blogs I design for my clients. So, if you are looking for how to take screenshot of entire web page on firefox, safari, chrome etc without using any addon, you need to try the online free service.

The free web page screenshot tool at web-capture.net is the simplest way to grab a page copy. Nothing to download and install, the whole process takes place online. You simply get a full page screenshot quickly, without installing additional software on your PC.

You will get a screenshot of a long vertical web page in 1 click and you can even save the screenshot as a pdf file.

Below is a sample screenshot I captured using web-capture free online tool.

bloggers lab website

How to take a screenshot of whole web page

==> Go to : www.web-capture.net
==> Enter the URL of the page you want to capture
==> Choose the file format you want
==> Click the "capture web page" button.

Wait for the site to process your link.

Once processed, you can download the file or ZIP archive.


Do you know alternatives to web-capture.net?


  1. Anonymous3/18/2015

    Great tool. Thx for sharing Jide

  2. Anonymous3/18/2015

    please,how can i reach you?I have got a blog and i need to work on a good blogger template. I have been setting it on my own but its not realy working out to what i want. Saw your name on kemi filani's blog design. how can you help please?..can i have yr email?.thanks

  3. Anonymous4/23/2015

    Thanks for sharing


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