How To Get DNS Zone File for Godaddy Blogger DNS Set Up

GoDaddy DNS service supports the Blogger DNS settings file, which contains all the DNS settings you need to set up a custom domain for your blogspot blog. This simply means you can easily change from .blogspot to .com by uploading the Blogger DNS zone file to your Godaddy DNS manager.

So, in this post, I will show you how to get the DNS zone file for Godaddy Blogger DNS set up.

How To Get Started

I assume you have an existing blog and you have already purchased a domain name on

==> Sign in to your blog dashboard via
==> Go to "Settings" > "Basic"
==> Click "+ Setup a 3rd party URL for your blog"

==> Enter the URL you would like to use for your blog (eg
==> Click 'Save".

You will see an error.

Now click on the "DNS settings file" link and save the DNS settings file.

That is the DNS zone file you will upload to godaddy to complete your Blogger custom domain set up.

How To Upload Blogger DNS Zone File To Godaddy

==> Sign in to
==> Click on "Domains" and click on the the domain name you want to set up
==> Click the "DNS Zone File" tab

==> Click "Use classic DNS Manager"
==> Click the "Import/Export" button

==> Click "Import" and follow the instructions.

Once successfully imported, go back to Blogger settings to re-save your custom domain name.

If saved successfully without displaying the error, your custom domain name will start working.

Remember to delete some of the existing records that GoDaddy adds by default.

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Its a bit technical , thanks for sharing
Daayur said…
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Gloria Okaimam said…
Thanks for sharing your ideas. Please check your mail.
Like seriously this is the easiest way of make blogspot a custom domain. Depending on your connection, it doesn't take 3 minutes to set up.

I also published a post too on that some weeks back Easy Way To Redirect Blogger On Godaddy
Thank you very much for your help. Through your help I perfectly set my blogger TO Check if you wish. Thanks once again for your nice help.
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Thank you very much for your great help. I just Implied your instruction to my blog. Thank you once again, its really a big help for me. Thats why I always like to read you.

Do it work for

Hi Dear,
Thank you very much for your great help. Thank you once again, its really a big help for me.

Do it work for
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