How To Earn Money Online at Free-ebooks.net

Free-ebooks.net is a website where you can download free ebooks as well as upload your ebooks, if you've written some to share online for FREE.

The site offers an Advertising Revenue Sharing program in conjunction with Adsense, allowing ebook authors to link their existing Google Adsense account and profit from the ads that are shown around their ebooks that have been uploaded to the site.

On each "details" page of any ebook uploaded to the site, there are 3 different ads slots :

 1) 300x250 at the top right, 2) 300x250 middle right of the page, 3) 728x90 at the bottom.

Example page is : http://www.free-ebooks.net/ebook/The-Ogbonge-Blogger-s-Guide

Once you link your Google Adsense to your profile at free-ebooks.net, all the 3 ad slots on your eBook's (eBooks you have submitted) detail pages become yours, meaning that any time a visitor clicks on one of these ads, you will earn a small commission through the Adsense Program.

How To Link Free-ebooks.net Profile To Google Adsense

==> Create an account at www.free-ebooks.net

==> Upload your ebooks (written by you)

==> Go to the free-ebooks.net Adsense Publishers page here to associate your profile with an exisiting Adsense account. You can as well create a new Adsense account from there.

==> Once you've successfully granted free-ebooks.net access to your Adsense account, Google will review the association and if approved, you will see the status on the free-ebooks.net Adsense Publishers page.

To make sure you have, please login to your account > go to ‘Account Settings’ > then to ‘Access and Authorization’ at the bottom of that page to verify.

Thereafter, you can keep driving massive traffic to your ebooks pages at free-ebooks.net but ensure you don't click on your ads. If you do, your account will be deleted.

Don't have ebooks to upload? No biggie. You can create some asap.

You can write on anything you know how to do in Microsoft_Word, then convert the doc file to pdf online at zamzar.com or by using PrimoPDF software, if you don't know how to convert it directly with the MsWord on your PC.

There are also sites where you can get ebooks which you can re-brand with your personal details. More info on this someday.

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NB: Payments and statistics are managed directly through your Google AdSense account.

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  1. NICE....REALLY THIS.POST ITS JUST DORECTED TO ME...ALOT OF EBOOKS I HAVE.......i pray i find them where i store them..thank you jide!!

    1. Don't upload ebooks not written by you oo.

  2. I think I should give this a shot. Thanks for the info boss Jide.


  3. God bless those who knows the best way to earn money online through E-books, I still cant figure out the best way. I have access to download any ebooks from xploreebooks.com ,still i don't know which way.. Best luck just in case you want any book free from that site you may add me to pin 52fd2eac , will download and send it free -

  4. Thanks for this great opportunity.. if i may ask, Can you suggest an article to write about? asin hotcake article ?

    1. Lol Michael u surprised me.

      Writing hot cake articles is about knowing and writing about what's currently trending.

      E.g: right now the new galaxy s6 is trending why not start writing about it

  5. Hi Jide, you have inspire me. I have written so many eBooks for free, this is an opportunity for me to make money from them.

    Thanks a lot! Keep up the good work.



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