How To Push or Transfer Godaddy Domain To Another User

If you register a domain name on Godaddy and would love to push it to another user account on, you can easily get it done if you know the email address of the recipient. i.e the email address the recipient used when opening his/her godaddy account.

This is a common practice among those that earn money online from domain name registration.

To get started, you will have to sign in to your Godaddy account, click on "Domains", select the domain name you want to move,  click the "more" button and click "Begin Account Change".

Thereafter, you will have to enter the recipient email address, username and new domain contact's information.

You can check out the step by step guide on godaddy website here.

Remember to select "Keep the current nameservers for this domain" to retain the current nameservers for the domain name. If you do not select this option, godaddy will park the domain name when the new registrant activates it in the new account.

I hope this helps.


Daayur said…
This tutorial is simple and descriptive. I love the process and am gonna recommend this process to clients or other webmasters who needs it. thank bro for sharing these. so Godaddy domains can now be transferred. its good
Aizeboje Monday said…
Nice post and the steps here helps me to transfer a domain i recently bought to another account. This tutorial is very nice.