Reasons Your Adsense Report Might Include Sites You Don't Manage

While reading about the Adsense Site authorization feature earlier today, I stumbled on an article which I believe will be helpful to those that have been wondering why their Adsense reports include sites they don't manage.

The article lists reasons why Adsense systems might attribute a few impressions to sites that you do not control and sites where you've not directly placed your ad code. According to the article, these can include:

==> Sites that serve the contents of your site from their own domain. You can authorize some of these sites that you trust to display ads.

==> Improper iframed redirects. For example, some sites create an iframe through which they reference another site.

==> Web pages forwarded in email clients.

==> Duplicating (in other words, copy and pasting) of stories from one publisher to another.

So, when next you see impression from some strange sites in your Adsense report, stay :)

Do you experience such?


I have been seeing it. I always see the message that in the last 7 days your ads have been appearing in an authorize site. And what I see is but I don't panic since I didn't authorize the site.

Anyway I love this your new redesign template. What's reasons behind it?
Gadget said…
Is good you took time to explained this, though i have not come across it. Now i know just encase i stumble upon it, i will not like..What Da Heck is this?
ujo atulagi said…
Yes I do especially
ajayi akindele said…
pls boss... i applied for google adsense and fortunately for me i got an approval within 24 hours... now d problem is there ads doesnt appear... pls any help
Karimunjawa said…
yeeaah... this is dude.
you will see at blogger :)
Kenneth Nwafor said…
Nice one, i have noticed that too