AdDynamo Discontinues Ad Network

Ad Dynamo has announced in a blog post, that it will be retiring its ad network product to focus exclusively on the Twitter ad sales partnership which was secured in early 2014.

According to the blog post, the opportunity presented through the close relationship with Twitter supersedes everything else, and achieving focus within the teams across Africa is something the business has been grappling with for the past year.

So, focusing on representing Twitter and providing service levels in Africa consistent with what Twitter would provide to the market directly is Addynamo's absolute priority.

Addynamo CEO, Sean Riley in his open letter to customers, promised that Addynamo will be supporting publishers to migrate to alternative networks over the next couple of weeks.

Saying goodbye to the ad network won’t be easy for Bloggers that rely ONLY on the ad network to earn money online with their blogs.

Will you miss Addynamo?

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  1. Noooooo... I no go miss am. No be kobo kobo dem dey pay?

    1. lol...how will I know? I should be asking you ooo :)

    2. No be smalll kobo kobo my bro....make dem gp abeg

  2. Them dey craze.... Thank God for adsense


  3. Mr Jide I send mail to you since yesterday have not receive any response to it. Hope to hear from you soon

  4. Miss fire! Abi I don miss dem ni?

    Addynamo?? Those guys no get joy at all. You go dey see 375 clicks, $0.03

  5. Who cares. to hell with them and their outdated advert..


  6. lol.. what did you even call them ? Ada wetin ?
    hahaha.. those one na human been and na robot?

    To hell with their unresponsive advert banner..

    i rep http://www.bestmanblog.com

  7. Sorry to them bloggers that rely on *hard*dynamo...but don't be downcast! an ad network that is better than ad dynamo and even d mighty GOOGLE ADSENSE is in town, click on the link http://bit.ly/1GyUWc2

  8. Well, Good for them!

    Addynamo has to figure out a way to pay better than what they are given publishers.

    I had to reove them from my site Uncle Naira: http://unclenaira.com/, because I did not understand we the pay is so low.

    Lets just hope they come up with something better, because Africa is were their strength is. I hope I'm correct.

  9. I'm gonna miss them, any idea which other ppc pays well.

  10. please Jide, how do i remove Ad dynamo ad codes from my blogger template? Since the company folded, the ad has been showing a blank space on my blog. how do i find and remove the code?

    1. Search your blog's html for the addynamo code and delete it


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