Camon C8 : First Tecno Phone with Dual LED Flash plus 13.0MP Back camera

The closest Tecno had come to giving its fans ultra powerful camera on a smart phone is with the Tecno R7; but the R7 lacked dual flash- something an upcoming Tecno phone nicknamed "Camon C8" has improved on with a 13MP Back camera and flash, also 5.0MP Front camera and flash.

The soon-to-be-released Tecno C8 smart phone has a camera system that produces excellent images and according to Tecno, the smartphone has enough flash power to take pictures in the dark with powerful F2.0 aperture lens that gives the resultant image a crisp definition.

Tecno even claims the Camon C8 shoots better pictures than the iPhone, eh eh :) .

Below are some interesting features of the Tecno Camon C8 according to the pre-release info made available to me.

Camera lens imitates the human eyes

Remember how you can, in fraction of a second, narrow your focus on those tiny grains of sand while picking your brown beans for cooking? The human eyes can quickly focus on an object and that is because they use a mixture of contrast and phase detection.

The camera of this phone has phase detection auto focus much like the human eyes which allows it to focus more accurately and faster on an image than plain contrast phase detection on most smart phone cameras.

Cameras can take pictures in low-light

The power of this phone’s state-of-the-art LED flash together with its industry leading noise reducing 13MP Auto Focus Back camera tips the scale in image quality towards the better than the best region of things. This smart phone will create amazing pictures no matter the lighting conditions of the environment-dawn, evening, twilight, the nightclub, pubs, lounges or beach it doesn’t matter, just take your pictures.

VisidonTM Face beautification effect

How can I take a self portrait without my face blemishes?  For a start, take the portrait with the 5.0MP Front camera on Tecno’s new smart phone with Visidon face recognition technology that can “repair” your face using natural color face beautification. With just a click of the camera button, this smart phone will give you a facelift.

Take pictures on Black screen

This smart phone gives you the power to focus your camera on the action while screen is on standby mode and still capture the moment. Double tap the special camera button by the phone’s side and the camera is ready to capture!

The images below show you the quality of images the smartphone offers.

Expect more about the Tecno c8 when I lay my hands on it.

How Much is Tecno Camon c8 Tempered in Nigeria?

The price of Tecno camon c8 in Nigeria is N29,000

Where To Buy Camon c8 in Nigeria

You can buy Tecno Camon c8 at Jumia here.

You can buy Tecno Camon c8 at Konga here.


  1. Nice Phone i guest.. Where can i buy one for my fans ?

    1. Anonymous8/06/2015

      LMAO, see scam.

    2. lol, if she give me sef i no go collect,,, Tecno and their substandard phones

    3. @BolajiChang.....iffa hear sey she give you and you no collect. lol.

  2. KIKI tha SLAYER8/06/2015

    This looks sleek. tecno has really upgraded o.

  3. GhenGhen things... quality picture.

    1. abi nao. no be small thing oo ..lool

  4. Oghogho8/06/2015

    i hope this tecno would function as good as it looks, let it not be sleek for nothing.

  5. Bastian Grey8/06/2015

    Hopes it is not fine for nothing sha *fingers crossed*

  6. Malika8/06/2015

    fine looking gadget, what is the estimated price range? was it in the article? cant remember seeing it. lemme know if would be able to afford it.

    1. Yh, cant wait for it to be released..

    2. I will update this post once I have info about the price

  7. Replies
    1. Who doesn't? Wonder why flash always runs into the future? LOL. Because there are August Visitors like the Camon therein. Wait, see what I did there? Hehehehe! :D

  8. Think people should stop condemning Tecno, Nokia you all love yesterday, where is Nokia today.... We better start to be embracing Tecno and others for the better enjoyment of Android Smartphones....

    1. Exactly, be sure to please include "enjoyment of Android smartphones at affordable prices" next time. hehe! Life is easy when things are subsidized.


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