How To Download Phone Numbers, Emails of MagicResponder Lists

ClicknReach MagicResponder is a system that has the capacity of sending automated SMS and Email responses to people that send text message to a special phone number or fill an online form/squeeze page.

I use the MagicResponder sms autoresponder service to automatically text my bank account details and other preset messages to people that opt-in for some of the info products I sell on my blog.

Once anyone sends a text message to my MagicResponder special phone number or fills the MagicResponder web form placed on my site, their email address and phone number are automatically saved to my MagicResponder campaign list.  From there, I can broadcast an sms or mail them at once.

If you've created a MagicResponder campaign list and would like to download your subscribers data, then follow me through the steps below:

==> Ensure you have active magicresponder subscription
==> Sign in to
==> Click on "MagicResponder" tab
==> Click on the campaign list name

sms autoresponder service

==> Click the "download this list in csv format" link

==> Save the file to your PC.

That's all.


  1. The Geeks method of yours certainly is incontestible
    I think its another way of list building.
    let me try it out

    thanks Greatly My Boss

    1. Yes, it's a fantastic way of building lists especially phone numbers list. Winks**


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