Where To Upload Your Song for Free Download in Nigeria

Digital music has created one of the most successful and profitable industry for music. The World Wide Web now makes it very easy for musicians to reach more audience around the world. Music artists can now make music accessible to anyone anywhere in the world and make money in the process.

If you are a Nigerian musician, upcoming or "already arrived"..lol, looking for a website in Nigeria where you can upload music and share with your fans for free download, then you need to check out mynotjustOk.com - and you can as well choose to sell instead of offering your music as free download.

The Nigeria online music sharing website is free to use and will foster the sharing, listening and monetizing of your music online; although the site enforces that everyone who uploads content has the right to do so and if any Copyright is being infringed upon by any user, the track will be taken down once the owner of the audio track submits all necessary evidence that they own the song or audio.

To get started, you have to sign up on the site and ensure you enable the "download" option while uploading your song. See screenshot below:

upload music nigeria

You can also upload your song online for free at soundcloud.com.

Right there, you can as well enable the "download" option to enable your fans download your song for free at soundcloud. You can as well use your soundcloud feed to create your iTunes Podcast so that your fans can listen to your latest songs using podcast mobile apps.

In my upcoming posts, I hope to share with you, how Nigeria musicians can upload their songs to iTunes. Ensure you subscribe to this blog if you don't want to miss it.

Do you know other sites I can upload my songs for free download?


Tunde Sanusi said…
Thanks for this.. Will goto the Site asap and check it out.
Wow. . . Nice to kn0w bloggers who promote artistes will be seeking a new refuge for income
senio said…
soundcloud is my favorite when it comes to publishing music. However, you can also share your music quite nicely via facebook - if you will use the special account. WIth some app (called garageband - but im not sure), you can even sell your music through FB.
Sunday Ukafia said…
I think you've left out http://www.livefromnaija.com apart from uploading your songs for download you can also watch/listen to live stream of Nigerian TV/Radio stations and also play/download Nigerian music.
Aminu Idris said…
thanks you

Anonymous said…
Odira said…
Nice one. This an opportunity for aspiring musicians to make their mark.
Anonymous said…
List of sites where every independent musician can upload, publish, sell, buy, or just share music and songs with the whole world: www.uploadfor.com