How To Delete ALL Posts on a Facebook Page

If for some reasons, you decide to delete all published posts on your Facebook page, you can easily get it done provided you have admin access to the Page.

Just follow the steps below:

1. Go to your Facebook Page via PC
2. Click on "Settings"
3. Click on "Publishing Tools"

delete posts on facebook page

4. Tick the box next to "Posts" to select all
4. Click on Actions button, then click on Delete.

You can delete maximum of 25 posts at Once. So, repeat same process till you delete all your posts.

You can confirm if all posts have been deleted by checking your page's timeline.

I hope this works for you.

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  1. Replies
    1. Anonymous4/03/2017

      Were are the publishing tools. They are not in tools

  2. Thanks for this. Very helpful.

  3. OMG.. this is easier that what I thought before. THank you, it saves my time

  4. Anonymous12/14/2016

    where are settings?

  5. thanks so much, have been finding this difficult but you simplified it and it worked thanks.

  6. i have found settings but there are no publishing tools!!

    1. Once you are on your Facebook page, you should now see "publishing tools" without going through settings.

    2. Where on the page can I find publishing tools? I don't see it anywhere. Facebook is not easy to use. So much of it is not intuitive! Thanks for your help.

  7. The thing is I successfully deleted 25 posts, but I cannot delete more than 25 because I see You haven't published any posts yet." It is weird because my page have 100+ posts.

  8. There is way i can delete everything at once?


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