How To Like a Page on Facebook As Another Page

If you've created a Page (Not personal profile) on Facebook , you can use it to "Like" other Pages - and you don't even have to use Facebook as a Page before you can get this done. Those Pages liked by your business Page will appear in the 'Liked by this Page" list on your Page's timeline.

How To Get Started

==> Ensure you have created the page(s) you want to use in liking other Pages. You can create a Facebook Page here.

Thereafter, go to the Page you want to "Like" eg

==> Click on the ... tab as indicated in the screenshot above

==> Click on the "Like as your Page" option

netdivo facebook oage

==> Click the 'Select a Page" dropdown and click your Facebook Page you want to use in liking the Page.

==> Click "Save"

That's all.

If you visit your Facbook Page, you should see the "Liked" Page in the "Liked by this Page" and favorites list.

I hope this helps.

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