My BBM Pin Has Changed. Here is the New PIN

My Android smartphone with non-removable battery fell into bowl of water over the weekend and it's yet to return back to life even after trying the "rice trick" recommended by some friends on

Well, I've moved on to another Android. So, my BBM Pin has changed. I am no longer using the old pin : 534B23CE.

My new PIN is 58A7D52D

So, you can PING me there.

My Whatsapp numbers remains unchanged though.


  1. Am sorry for that lost bro

  2. I'm sorry for that. I have gotten your new pin right on my phone. More grease to your elbow.

  3. Sorry for the loss bro

  4. The rice trick? First time of hearing that lol. Maybe you should share it with me bro, who knows it might works for me;)

  5. Sorry the rice trick didn't work for you maybe because the battery was non-removable or you put it in late. Adding you up now


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