See How Nigeria Bloggers Reacted To The Price of Tecno Phantom 5

Tecno Mobile launched its premium flagship smart phone, Tecno Phantom 5 at an event that took place at Sheraton Hotel, Ikeja yesterday.

The specs of the Tecno Phantom 5 look decent on paper but was amazed when I discovered that the smartphone will cost almost N70,000 in Nigeria.

Don't blame me, I've not set my eyes on the smartphone. So, for now, I can't say if the price is OK or not.

tecno phantom 5

I decided to ask my friends on Facebook (mostly bloggers and members of bloggerslab) if they can spend N70,000 on the Tecno phone.

Below are some of their reactions :

You can read more reactions by clicking the embed post below :

Can you spend N70,000 on a Tecno phone?
Posted by Jide Ogunsanya on Thursday, September 17, 2015

You can as well check the direct link to the post here.

Can you also buy the Phantom 5 for N70,000.

Over to you.

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  1. lol...Next Tecno will be like N103,000. Yeye

  2. Tecno thinks that they have got what it takes to go premium because they are the most famous OEM in W/A.

    I am seeing the downfall of Tecno with one eye and the rise of Infinix with the other eye.

    1. You are very correct Collins. Why will I spend up to 70k for a device that has almost the same specs with INFINIX ZERO 2 which I got for just 32.9k. Moreover you can't upgrade tecno phones unlike INFINIX. I have upgraded my INFINIX ZERO 2 to android 5.1 Lollipop.

  3. Tho TECNO is kinda emerging with new devices with mad specs but it still flops after sometime unlike other brands.
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  4. But then there are other phones you could buy for 70k other than Tecno Phantom 5 and yea, brands work in stuffs like this oh.

    Tecno has been perceived as the low-end smartphone brand.. changing that won't be so easy.. first impression last very looong..

    To the question, I personally wouldn't buy a Tecno for 70k.. not in 2015.. lol.

  5. Tecno is crazy, lolz they seem to forget that they runned down samsung, because of price, now they wana go back, sha infinix, just d enter me for eye,..

  6. Tecno releasing a smartphone with premium specs about the same Samsung would produce and sell for about a 100k is only reasonable though. Flagship devices aren't targetted at broke ass niggas though.

    Tecno is know for AFFORDABLE, for as long as I've known. Bring 100K+ specs to 70k is just as bringing a Samsung 56k specs to 26k. It's only reasonable. Especially when most of the hardware can called latest.

  7. KENSHI9/17/2015

    It's not a by force buy. This is their first flagship to me, flagships are never cheap or for the low end market. If the bloggers complain, then they are bloggers who are already used to using low end phones.

    1. Exactly, first question should be "Have any of these bloggers used any the Phantoms before?"

  8. Anonymous9/17/2015

    Why not, the specs don't suggest that the phone would be cheap by any means. Without using the name Tecno, any phone with these specs can't cost less than $300. If you don't have money for a new flagship iPhone /Samsung, this is the next best alternative

    1. Very true! Honestly, this is an impressive alternative to high end Samsungs and iPhones. I can put my money on this one.

  9. Omonaija9/17/2015

    If you have not used a Phantom, then yes you're free to make conclusions based on popular opinion but Naan, Phantom is a different ball game

  10. I can buy the phone for 70k o...The specs are amazing and considering the fact that I cant buy samsung or htc of same specs for that price except i buy london use

  11. Ah! this one is a buy o. I can put my money on this one. It is really very cheap. Doesn't look like the same price an HTC or Sony would give out at same specs.

  12. I can't buy Tecno for any reason...I don't like their product.

  13. Anonymous10/09/2015

    Na so ooooo

  14. Its an awsome phone... Wouldn't complain on the price for the 64bit phone. And for those who think there is no updates for tecno phones,you are wrong, i got the C8 and got update when i first switched it on from 5.0 to 5.0.2 and also said on the phantom 5(running 5.1) on specs that it will recieve android 6 update. So i think thats just to show that the new tecno phones will be recieving OTA updates😜


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