How To Place Ads By Google Links Ad Below Post Title Of Blogger Mobile View

If you view this blog (Ogbongeblog) on a mobile device, you are likely to notice Adsense links ad below the post title. I decided to implement this placement when I discovered that those links ads display on almost all mobile browsers unlike the non-links ads which atimes will be blank on some mobile screens.

Well, since I implemented this placement, my daily Adsense earnings have increased by over 60% and I think you should also give it a try especially if majority of your readers are using Opera Mini to access your blog.

How To Get Started

==> Sign in to
==> Click "My Ads" tab > "New Ad Unit"
==> Give it any name and under "Ad size", select "links ad"
==> Click 200x90 Vertical X-large
==> Customize "text ad style" as desired (Not compulsory)
==> Click "Save and get code"

generate Ads by google links ad

Now, we need to parse the ad code.

==> Go to
==> Copy and paste your ad code inside the box and click the "Encode" button
==> Copy and paste the code somewhere eg in a notepad

==> Ensure you have enabled CUSTOM Blogger mobile template.

If not sure, login to your Blogger dashboard, go to "Template". Under "Mobile", select "Yes. Show mobile template on mobile devices" and choose "Custom" from the "choose mobile template" dropdown box and save your settings.

==> Now, we need to find the code for the Blogger Mobile Template Post title so we can place the Adsense code directly below it.

==> So, back up your template and go to "Template" > "Edit HTML"

==> Click inside the HTML and use CTRL F to find the code below:

<b:includable id='mobile-post' var='post'>

==> Once you find the code, scroll down gently till you see the code below:

<div class='post-body entry-content' expr:id='&quot;post-body-&quot; +' itemprop='articleBody'>

==> Paste your parsed Adsense code directly below the code above.

Save your template.

If you want to customize your placement, you can use the format below:

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>
 <div class='toppostadmobile ' style='text-align:center;'>
Using the code above will force the links ad appear in the center below post titles on POST PAGES only.

View one of your blog posts on mobile view using default browser of your mobile device and you should see the Adsense links ad below the post title on POST pages (Not on the homepage).

You can access the mobile view of your Blogger post on PC by adding ?m=1 at the end of the post URL.

Try it and let me know if it works for you.

NB: This implementation will only display the Adsense links ad on mobile view of your blog and not on desktop view.

PLEASE, Share this with your friends.

Questions? Contributions? Kindly relay them via comments.


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George Emmanuel said…
I have also noticed this on various blog i visit, will give it a try soon. Thanks for sharing.
Jide Ogunsanya said…
The earlier, the better. Smiles**
Onyitex Joseph said…
This is bad ass! Trying it out ASAP! Thanks bro.
uthman saheed said…
For those who have adsense..good to try it since its from the boss.
Jide Ogunsanya said…
You're welcome. Hope it works for you
Jide Ogunsanya said…
If you don't have adsense, you can use same trick to place any ad banner under post titles of Blogger mobile view.
Gabriel Iboro said…
After added the code,will it work almost immediately or after some time.
Thanks boss, i just discover a sudden massive traffic on mobile view with this, i can convert them to earning on
Abu Alimran said…
work like magic.. thanks mr jide
Naijafrab said…
yours is working on both desktop and mobile...teach us the desktop too biko....
Ala said…
work like magic.. thanks mr jide
asoegwu daniel said…
Thanks man having looking for this alomost switched to wordpress thant you.
Eya Ayambem said…
This too worked, it Worked perfectly. Thanks a million.
Osundare Toheeb said…
Mr jide i tried that code above to force it to center, but it doesn't work. I used the one you gave for desktop to push it to center, and it works. Pls make changes, God bless you!
Balogun Mahmuod said…
I tried this and it worked perfectly well. Thanks Mr. Jide. See how it worked on Gist Wonder
This Jide has been saving my life since 1942, every other blog keeps giving meaningless detrails that dont work, your blog is always the last and final resort. Thanks Ogbonge blogger
Thanks o..... Its really working
HENRY said…
does matched content work with this tutorial too ???