Video : How To Target ONLY Blackberry Users With Facebook Ads

I've published a Video tutorial on my YouTube channel, that explains how you can target ONLY Blackberry users with Facebook ads. The video will walk you through how to create your ad, how to set your daily budget, how to set your campaign duration, how to set the 'Blackberry users" target etc

facebook advertising

In the video, I promoted a post on my blog "How to make money online with your Blackberry", targeting only Blackberry users based on the assumption that majority of Blackberry users will definitely be interested in reading an article that explains to them, how they can make money with their device.

You can watch the video at :

Targeting your adverts helps you deliver relevant messages to specific people and get the most value from your advert spend by reaching only the people that matter to you.

I will be uploading more video tutorials as time passes by. So, ensure you subscribe to my YouTube channel if you don't want t miss them.

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opus said…
Your blog is so insightful.I have so many questions to ask.