AdQuet Wants To Rival Google Adsense For Publishers and Adwords for Brands

The team at watched for a long time how global giants, Google Inc held a strong monopoly over publishers and brands In Nigeria with their stringent advertising policy that has seen the disqualification of top Nigerian blogs like,,, etc, and reacceptance after a long time.

This led to collusion and creation of, a platform that wants to reward bloggers and publishers, as well as give brands the relevant platform that will lead to mega returns for their brand.

With top advertisers like GTBank, Nairabet, etc already using and making returns from the platform, AdQuet is very excited to be extending and improving its presence in Nigeria.

adquet advertising platform

With new investment and fresh insight from an experienced team, they have re-engineered their advertising platform offering intuitive navigation with a high degree of user-friendliness. Added to this is a much simpler ad setup specially engineered to meet the demands of customers.

According to #TeamAdquet, below are the summary of Adquet features :
  • More Security together with simple design
  • More Functionality i.e. we have created a web system that will handle a multitude of tasks 
  • Automated payment processing
  • Click Fraud/Invalid Traffic protection
  • Publishers can transfer earnings to their Advertiser account
  • Easy switching from Publisher to Advertiser accounts
  • Withdrawal of earnings to bank accounts
adquet make money from ads

Special rates offer to Bloggers and Publishers

For a limited time period, the team is offering special rates to bloggers that signup on its new platform. To enjoy these rates, you need to sign up HERE now.

Brands can immediately take advantage of the new platform and all it offers by signing up HERE.

How To Get Adquet Ad Code

Watch the video at :

You can also watch how to advertise on Adquet here.

I have signed up on the site and their ad block is now live on my blog. I will also use the platform to advertise my businesses to see if they can really rival Google Adwords.

Do you think they can really rival Google Adsense and Adwords?

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Tunde Sanusi said…
I'll give them a try since you too had
Jide Ogunsanya said…
try it bro...
Adeboye Adeoye said…
I have already earned #57.42 with them...imagine! Although, they operate PPC, CPM etc. #9.00 is kinda small nao.

Pls o, i dnt have an AdSense acct o but How much are they paying per click? Let's do some comparison!
Signing up right way. I need to test them for advertising.
Am already using them, they are little bit okay, though am yet to be paid.
Jide Ogunsanya said…
Yea, doing same right now too
Jide Ogunsanya said…
Not fixed. Varies...
Jide Ogunsanya said…
How much have you earned so far?
psalm gist said…
pls am a blogger and need means of earning from blogging
pls Mr jide help me out
Precious said…
Just signed up but can't get ad code. Any help?
Friday Samuel said…
hello precious i would help u....have u confirmed ur email first?
Adeboye Adeoye said…
Owkie...but i heard a lot of bloggers complaining about d payment per click. Someone told me it's as low as $0.01. Is that true?
daayur said…
Hmm, i pray they live up to their promises cus Adsense has been around for years. Everything is dedication and will.
Temmyguru said…
Am using alternative advert on my site.......dey pay $0.06 per click convert to naira x 200 = #12 per click, i think its also better register with this link
How do I place the ad code on blogger? its showing error
Jide Ogunsanya said…
Watch the video on how to generate your ad code, login to, click on your blog, go to LAYOUT, click "add a gadget", select HTML/Javascript and paste the code in it.
Jide Ogunsanya said…
I pray too...
Okike Precious said…
Oga Jide,

already followed the procedures, i am getting 1.5 Naira as profit of one click. isn't that too small.. or maybe it depends on the advertisers.
Pls Mr. Jide, I need help on how to display ads(not adsense) between my blogger post or below post title.
My blog is
kluivert kasy said…
had trouble before with this, but now have 7naira on it, a little small tho
I have a blog,ihave not started earning,how can I add adsense to my blog
Hadharm Hiidee said…
Probably YES depending on the quality of website traffic.
Temmyguru said…
How do u add my bank account
pls help, my blog is not displaying ads. the html code is not displaying
Naijans said…
Please Jide, Since Adsense have not approve my application, This Adquate does it generate Revenue to compare with adsense, i Mean click conversion? am tired of waiting