Introducing Blogger Interview Series With JideTheBlogger

Hi dear,

Trust you're doing great.

As part of my effort in supporting fellow bloggers in Nigeria and beyond, I've decided to be showcasing at least one blogger on this blog every week.

It's an idea I've been nursing for a while now but for one reason or the other, I've not been able to make it happen. I'm glad it's kicking off asap.

Getting bloggers to interview won't be a big deal because a lot of bloggers follow this blog and most of my friends on Facebook are also bloggers. Besides that, there are thousands of bloggers on BloggersLab.


If you're and interesting blogger and you relate with me very well, trust me, you might already be on the list of bloggers I've already penciled down to be showcased on this blog. Showcasing you will be very easy for me as I will definitely have a lot of interesting questions to ask you.

If you're one of those nice bloggers that help in promoting my blog, my online businesses and services I render online, be prepared for an interview so you can share with my blog readers why you've been so nice to me...lol.

Other factors will be considered too in choosing which bloggers to showcase but I will also make it open for all.

So, if you're not sure if your name is on my list and would want me to showcase you, kindly drop your blog link, and tell me why I have to interview you. You can as well send me an email.
>> jide @ ogbongeblog.com

blogger interview

I’ll be conducting each interview with a single or few questions. And this one or few questions and respective answers will guide the rest of the conversation crafting a natural flow. So, if I send you one or two questions via email, Facebook etc, you should expect more questions from me till I'm satisfied.

What will I ask? Anything; everything; whatever I feel like. It can be completely random, be about a hot current topic or whatever I want to know that day.

What will I not ask them? The obvious: things you could find out with enough Googling.

Finally, if you are interested in seeing me interview a blogger you think would make for a great interview, kindly relay their names and blog links via comment.

It will be cool if you can also inform them that you've recommended them for the "Blogger Interview Series With JideTheBlogger".

I hope it will be fun.

Kindly note that if you don't have a blog but write for blogs and have links to prove this, you can as well submit your request.

The hashtag will be #OgbongeblogInterviews 
This will make it easy for you to follow up with the series on Social media.

If you've got suggestions, contributions etc, kindly relay them via comments.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/jidetheblogger
Twitter: www.twitter.com/jidetheblogger

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  1. Thanks jide for this great idea. This will really help the upcoming bloggers.
    Also am expecting your interview www.alluniversitynews.com

  2. harpng.com

    you should interview me because I believe it will be fun to read about.
    if you are in lagos we can even meet live and chat. a chat that will become something to write about, much more eventful and mind blowing.

    1. Sounds interesting. Will keep you posted.

  3. Thank you Sir. You have always been a Mentor. I am a blogger at Trendy Gist Blog. www.trendygistblog.com . I will like to grant you an interview so that I can share some personal experiences with people.

  4. I so much love this idea, realy nice. I dont know if you would like to interview me, i blog www.nobleloaded.blogspot.com , and it will realy be great if am interviewed.

  5. Good Evening Sir your Interview would be My Pleasure www.specialspectacle.blogspot.com I would love to be interviewed Not Just for fun only but also so I cn be of help to Other upcoming bloggers..

  6. Always coming up with great concept.. More grace sir..


  7. Sending you an email right away! Thumbs up boss!

  8. I have been looking forward to this. My blog is at www.jennychisom.com and you know you gat to chat with me (Interview) so no biggie! Thanks in advance *winks*

  9. hello sir, my blog is www.legitstuffs.com, I think you should interview me so I could share the dream of my blog with your fans and the numerous Nigerians.

    Thanks in advance

  10. Am glad this is coming up from you jide u'v been a source of change on bloggers sphere ..you r mentor to most of us ....I hope to be among the lucky ones to be interview...
    name :- Muhammad Sadiq

  11. You deserve an award for this. I hope to be on the list.

  12. You are always a mentor Sir Jide. I would like you to showcase me on your blog here is my blog url http://www.naijreporters@gmail.com

  13. nice one jide....thanks for all the support to NIGERIAN bloggers lately. more grace.


  14. Nice one bro and Great Move. Thumb up for the ogbongeMan

  15. Great idea Sir Hide. My URL is http://maverickexcel.com.
    I think I should be interviewed because I'm informing and aspiring entrepreneurs all over Africa. I'm the next face of Entrepreneurship in Africa...

  16. I blog at http://babsreviews.com

    My articles are not really Naija focused... But am thinking of balancing everything and i could use some help in getting in front of NIGERIANS so they can see what i write about.

    Good opportunity Man.

  17. Hello Jide,
    This is my blog's link for any questions for the interactive interview: www.naija360focus.com

  18. Nice one, I would be honored, I blog at www.mezynaija.com

  19. Nice one Jide. More grease to your elbow.
    My blog is www.promonigeria.blogspot.com

  20. absolutehearts.com

    this is a good initiative, first of its kind.. expecting for your exciting interview as it would be something blogger and wanna-bes would always love to read about over and over again..

  21. This a good Ideal though not new to me, few bloggers in Nigeria has started Bloggers interview.
    You being a motivator to so many Nigerians, even to me since 2009 with some of the eBook U do sent to me. Although I kind of felt bad when I discover that the contribution I made to your Blog post titled "Your Blogspot Redirecting to
    NCR Not Found Error 404 Page?
    Here is How To Fix it" was removed.
    I recently Launched a blog www.blazinginfo.com to share some discoveries and things I learnt (experience) over the years to people.
    I will like U to interview me but first please check out my blog if am qualified. Thanks and Remain Blessed.

  22. Wow, this is just a great idea and wonderful platform to help bloggers. I will like to be on the list because i want to believe i can also impact others with my Blog and Social Media Marketing Knowledge

  23. Nice
    my blog is www.successexaltation.blogspot.com

  24. thanks, i will like to be on the list for d interview. www.proudblog.blogspot.com

  25. This is a nice idea coming from great mind. My blog covers windows and android tips, tricks, fix and review. Making your interview list is a win win for all as readers will be exposed to articles that will the two OS more friendly and less complicated. I blog at

  26. Thank youu sir for this great opportunity,you are one of my mentors in this blogging field. my blog url is http://classicupdates.tk ...looking forward to be interviewed

  27. good day sire iam a blogger at www.cutejam.com i would love to participate in the interview!

  28. Wow! should i say this "Feature" i.e the interview series section with Jidetheblogger is one of unique program that has ever run in this era of blogging.

    Therefore, I wouldn't be left out. I'd like to be interview sir.

    Thanks again for this opportunity you've created sir and i pray God should give you the strength to finish it. <3

  29. Its a good idea.
    Meet me at nairacoded.com for the interview.

  30. Thank God this has finally come to the lime light
    I will love to be interview
    I blog @

  31. Wow Wow wow. Am so so happy 4dis Lovely idea. BLOGGERS INTERVIEW, being ur fan since 2009 wen i startd Blogging, thou i didnt comment bt bin wit u 4 a long tym. Really Love 2be interviewd though am stil am Young Blogger but wil love 2share my Little Experience wit others. Am a lover of Tech tis my Site 9jasky2.blogspot.com though is nt dat much but wil love 2be Interviewd. Tnks Ogbongeblog. THUMBSUP

  32. Wow! Nice one Mr. Jide.

  33. Dat will be reali nice. I'm behind www.alltechtutors.blogspot.com

  34. Wow glad and happy you later came up with this. Some month back you wrote about how to help upcoming bloggers which I now see you are working towards. Am a Tech Blogger at Techblogng.com
    Think am on the list already. Xpecting it. ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘

  35. you turor me from day one and am glad with where i am today.....Jide made me a problogger and am ur number one fan.


    I can teach other blogger how to get traffic using bbm.... i did wrote a post on ogbongeblog (quest post) some years ago but got some new tips that i discovered and still working for me to drive masssive traffic to my blog

  36. This is Great My Boss!
    i hope i will be added to the list, get me onTHE MODERNIZE TECHNOLOGY

    Thanks alot

  37. I want to be on your interview list because it's a way I get to be more recognized and mix up with more bloggers across Nigeria.
    maybe this will be the best session you'll have

  38. This is great news Jide. I will like to be on your interview list. I am a newbie but doing great job @ http://www.favourokoro.blogspot.com. I guess it will help me reach out more readers. Thank you for your good work.

  39. Nice initiative and creativity sir, I am really impressed with your idea, you always think on a path where other bloggers never sighted.

    I would be happy and elated if I can be granted the opportunity to be interviewed on this great platform.

    I wanted to be interviewed because I wanted to share my story of how I started as a blogger, the challenges I encountered, and a lot other than that.

    The url for my blog is www.thepacenews.com which is an online news platform.

  40. Nice concept! Looking forward to this.


  41. Wow! this is cool. Am looking forward to being featured.


    God bless you.

  42. This is a great idea. I see this from two angles. The one being an opportunity for new blogger like myself and Wannabe bloggers to meet other bloggers. Hearing their stories could serve as inspiration and motivation. The other being a means to easily get noticed. I am a fan of OgbongeBlog, Blogging at www.chiansyplatform.com. Getting qualified for an interview with one of the top 10 Nigerian Bloggers will be fun and an experience to always remember and cherish.

  43. Nice one boss this is a very good initiative that will go a long way help upcoing bloggers and beyond. I will love to feature in your interview to share my blogging experience and my experience as a mass communication gradute to fellow bloggers.. I blog at franklypost.blogspot.com.

  44. Ooops, seems i came in late, so many interest lined up for you, Oga Jide...so how will you cope? u maybe needing an assistance o..lol....whtever the case, if there is still space for me, i am game.

  45. Jide is a good thing you finally decided to do this, God bless you the more for your impact.
    meanwhile i hope there is a space for me tho.
    am a passionate entertainment blogger

  46. Am just reading from your blog for the very first time. Am new in this anyway and I really would appreciate if you interview the very person that inspired me to blog. Here is the link to his bloghttp://www.seasonedlifejournal.com/?m=1
    Abraham Ologundudu is his name. Subsequently I hope to get to that level of being interviewed too. I will follow your blog now. Thanks, you are doing a great job

    1. Wow! Thanks for the mention John. I am honoured.

  47. I am perfect for this, you should interview me because my blog is about empowerment and that is exactly what nigerians need at the moment so people can be aware of hidden opportunities they don't know about.


  48. I'm in for the interview sir Jide... My new blog www.Mozentre.com is a blog for young entrepreneurs and I think an interview on your blog would boost my media proof and also inspire them.

  49. This is a very great idea. It is not just a great way to help upcoming bloggers, it will help change the mindset of many Nigerians and show them that bloggers can make impact. My blog is erustories.com

  50. Jide Ogunsanya has propelled me to being Africa's next rated Blogger.
    My new blog www.mydayseven.com has amassed over 5,000 views in less than a month. Thanks mentor, i look forward to being interviewed. God bless you. much love.

  51. my blog is www.yusitechs.com i look forward to being interviewed

  52. I'd love you to interview the founders of techfect.com ; They are really trying, just pure tech news


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