Winner of thenewsblogger.com domain name is Felix Okolie

Yesterday, I offered to hand over thenewsblogger.com domain name to a lucky blogger.

After going through all the comments, I've decided to hand it over to Felix Okolie.

In addition to the domain name, I've set up the blog for him using Ogbongeblog's design. I will also be available for him to provide support....

He might not be the best out of all those that showed interest, but I hope he will be able to put it into good use.

I hope, one day, I will be proud of his blog, just like editweaks.com which belongs to Dominic Ifediri.  You can read how Ifediri won the custom domain from OgbongeBlog here.

I will be giving out more free custom domains in the long run. So, always check this blog if you don't want to miss the freebies.

If you would like to SPONSOR the free domain names, kindly mail me.

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  1. Congrats Okolie and good luck with your new domain name.

  2. Happy for him, it is a thing of Joy, even if it was me i would be happy.. Happy blogging Felix Okolie! Oga Jide you too try. God Blessss!!

  3. a very warm thank you to oga Jide Ogunsanya for his never ending desire to ensure that prospective bloggers are adequately supported in achieving their dreams...once more,thank you.

    1. Anonymous10/31/2015

      Nice one Oga Jide. And to you Felix, if you like go and do ctrl+C, I'll personally take that domain from you and return you back to blogspot.com.ng.villager

  4. Giving back to the society...its a good thing and best to raise others. Thanks so much brother.

  5. That is interesting, they are lucky

  6. Am sure he will use it well

  7. whooops!!! it's quite awhile...thank you all for the coments...Hope i have been able to put www.thenewsblogger.com into good use??????


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