How I Re Upload Videos To YouTube

After uploading a video to YouTube yesterday, I noticed that it wasn't well optimized. So, I renamed the file, re-uploaded it to YouTube using different title and description but the upload wasn't successful. It was rejected as duplicate.

Fortunately, I was able to reupload the video to YouTube successfully after implementing the tips shared in an article at YouTube Help.

So, if you'd like to upload the same video again, note that simply changing the file name won't prevent the rejection message from showing. Instead, please try editing the video again.

For example, changing the video length (e.g. by adding extra frames by using video editing software) or compression should allow the video to upload.

I used Windows Movie Maker to add credits to the video, which increased the length of the video from 7:12 to 7:16 as seen in the screenshot below:

After uploading the optimized video, I deleted the previous one.

I hope this helps.


  1. Badd*st. Nice tutorial. Keep the flag flying man.

  2. Nice post, what I find hard is the editing of videos... What app can I use to edit videos on android or pc?

    1. You can use Camtasia or WIndows Movie Maker for PC and KineMaster app for Android for creating and editing videos.

    2. Thanks, already using the Kinemaster...I have heard about that Camstasia before.

  3. i am having issues with my camstudio... After recording and saving from Windows Movie Maker, it'll show just black Screen. How can this be solved?

  4. Oga how can i place chitika ads on my website

    1. Go to Chikita website and sign up or have you done that?


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