How To Create #PrayForNigeria Picture Overlay Online

On Friday, November 13, 2015, some gunmen and suicide bombers made French capital, Paris the cynosure of all eyes when they attacked and massacred 127 people at seven different locations.

Since then, an outpouring of grief and mourning has taken over social media. Many Facebook users are now filtering their Facebook photos with an overlay of blue, white, and red — the colors of the French flag.

If you prefer to use the flag of another country eg Nigeria, you can simply do the picture overlay online or use a picture overlay app.

So, if you want to create Nigeria flag overlay on your picture, just follow me through the steps below:

>> Go to : http://www124.lunapic.com/editor/?action=france or go to http://www124.lunapic.com/editor/, click "Filters" > "Country Flags"

>> Click "Choose File" to select the photo you want to use. A photo with white background is recommended so as to bring out the white colour of the Nigeria flag.

>> Once it loads, select "Nigeria" from the country drop down box

>> Click "Go" button

>> Scroll down and type "#PrayForNigeria" in the caption box

>> Click "Go"

>> For captions options,  type "red" for colour and select "Top center" for position.

>> Click "Update Caption"

That's all.

You can right click on the image to save it to your PC or long tap on it to save it to your smarphone. There is also an option to use it on Facebook.

Watch the video tutorial below:

I created the ones below using an Android picture overlay app : BlendPic. For iOS, you can try PicLay.

Thanks to Blogger Clement Ogudu of ViewNgr.com for sharing this link with me on Facebook.

Have fun as you #PrayForNigeria. Also remember to #PrayForFrance #PrayForLebanon #PrayForSyria #PrayForTheWorld #PrayForPeace #PrayForLove

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