Why Blogging Can Be Better Than A Paid Job

This is a guest post compiled by +Mazino Oyolo Kigho  for OgbongeBlog

Everyone need a job in order to pay bills. There are so many kind of jobs that can fetch you money either online or offline. Blogging is one of the most popular online venture for now.

There are so many blogs currently in the blogosphere. And each day new blogs are created. Many of these blogs are created for personal use, while others are for money making purpose.

Today, blogging is paying the bills of so many bloggers. Some bloggers are buying houses, cars and others investing on other businesses from the money they earn from blogging.

Blogging is not an online get rich quick scheme. A lot of sacrifices are involved. Passion, dedication, commitment and investing financially is a must for one to reap the benefits of blogging.

blogging as a job lifestyle

Why Blogging Pays

Unlike other offline jobs, blogging can be better off as you don't need to be in a particular location everyday to work. You can be in the comfort of your living room, in an hotel or even in a friend's
house and be updating your blog. It is left for you to decide if you wish to wake up as early as 5am or sleep till 10am. This is because you are your own boss. You are living a life of freedom, a stress free
life. You have no fear of receiving a sack letter.

Proximity doesn't affect blogging. Take for example, war broke out in your country or  political or religious crisis in your state, you can simply relocate and continue blogging.  Changing location won't affect your earnings as long there is internet connection. It won't not affect your traffic too as long your visitors are from everywhere.

There is no fix amount of money you earn in a month. It all depends on how smart you work. Today in Nigeria, it hard to find a job where a graduate earns N200,000 per month on entry level. But there are bloggers without a university degree earning up to N500,000 per month and there are some earning more than that.

For those who love fame, blogging can make you popular. And the more famous you are as a blogger the higher the chances of making more money. You can get an endorsement from big brands. They will also pay you to promote their product or services.

You can take a break or go on vacation while your blog still send money to your bank account. There are so many blogs that have been left dormant for months and yet the owners still earn from it.

Apart from your data subscription and yearly domain renewal or hosting, you may not need to spend much as compare to other location based jobs where you pay daily for transportation or fuel your vehicle.

I am quite sure many will agree with me blogging is better but if only one get it right.

Some have quit their jobs and decided to take blogging as a profession. The risk taking is left for you.

No risk no reward.

Any addition or subtraction? Over to you....

This post was written by +Mazino Oyolo Kigho .  He blogs on MazinoWeb and you can follow him on Twitter @mazinoweb and add him as friend on Facebook here


  1. I agree with you, you hit the nail on the head.
    Thanks for this post

    1. Blogging has really transformed the lives of so many people. It is a profession you need to qualification.

    2. Blogging is good; it requires dedication, commitment and passion
      Topmost Tree

  2. Replies
    1. Be focus.
      Be committed.
      Know what works for you.
      Add value to the lives of your readers.
      Be patient.

  3. nice one mr ogbonge..


  4. This is a Must Read one for every one who has been thinking If blogging is a Get Rich quick thing.
    We should not also forget to make it quick and fast in blogging it will need financial investment to run ads and other things.
    In a nutshell it all balls down to hardwork and dedication which also form part of the investments as you have said.
    Well done oga
    I rep Mobiledbreed

  5. Blogging had tremendously changed unlike the late 1990s when it was Just an hobby and done for fun and Its true that one can rest solely on blogging as source of income.
    Although i recommend for someone who's just about to start to have a *side-job* which will pays his blogging bills BEFORE blogging started paying his bills.
    I blog at NetSocialBlog.Com

  6. Thanks for the write-up. Blogging is good only if you are focused. Happy blogging!


  7. I strongly agree with you, you can imagine a blogger from canada John Chow making close to $100,000 per month, Ok let me come back home and remind you of the Nigerian famous blogger, a woman like a man Linda Ikeji, just bought a mansion from blogging business for N500 million naira. Blogging is true profession and can make you rich and fetch you lot of street credibility.

    I recommend blogging business for anyone who aspire to become great and gain financial, time and location freedom. Instead of complaining about unemployment and putting all the blames on government why don't you start a blogging business just like i started www.sulaimanabdullahi.blogspot.com. you need no qualification or any technical skills.

  8. Nicely well written article. You poured out the truth which will be difficult to accept by those into paid job Best Smartphone 2015

  9. i have a blog it is generating traffic but not converting i have only earned 4.67dollars paid to my account please what should i do to improve see my blog www.wealthcreationforyou.blogspot.com

  10. nice one. thanks a lot. www.nigerianbizblog.com

  11. Blogging indeed pays. But you first of all have to pay the sacrifice. Its not as magical as you might think, there's a lot of trial and error, a lot of patience also is required.

  12. Bros Jay(my mentor) honestly I always feel motivated whenever I read your post. Your posts about blogging has been keeping me on the track and it enlighten me for real. I studied Geology in school Buh when people ask me why am I into blogging? I always tell them I gat a mentor (God and Jide Ogunsanya) thanks bro really really appreciate your efforts in the blogosphere.


  13. U're right...Rome was nt built a day.... check out www.monsur24.blogspot.com

  14. Definitely, when you take your blogging as your job, and take it seriously, with dedication, surely you will successed.
    there is nothing like get rich quick with blogging.

  15. Blogging requires hard work, dedication and consistency. i have been earning online for several years now. the author is right it affords travel, be-your own boss and good money.
    To succeed find a niche topic do lots of research and start posting. it will be a little rough in the beginning however as the months pass your earnings increase.

  16. Lessons learnt. Thanks for sharing.


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