The New Featured Post Gadget Lets You Highlight A Special Post On Blogger Blogs

Blogger has rolled out a new gadget; "Featured Post" to enable you easily highlight a special post on your Blogger blog.

Whether you’d like to re-share that popular post from a few years back, spotlight a can’t-miss promotion you’re running, or just revive something quirky from the archives, the Featured Post gadget is a simple way to show off the content that matters most. You can even make it available as an option for Advertisers.

Blogger Featured post gadget

How To Add Featured Post To Blogger Blog

To try it, just head to your Layout tab, add a gadget, and select ‘Featured Post’.

You’ll be able to place the gadget wherever you’d like on your blog and then choose the post you’d like to show.

You can change the gadget title, disable the post snippet title and image. Unfortunately, you can't disable the intro part for now.

You can use the search box to search for a specific post in your archives and you can also use the "Labels" drop down to filter your posts.

If you’d like to highlight something new, you can change the post you feature at any time.

The ‘Featured Post’ gadget doesn't display on Blogger mobile template by default. If you want it to display on the mobile view of your blog, you will have to enable that as explained here.

Have you started using it on your blog? If yes, do you like it?


Akpene Jacob said…
Yes, I have been using it on my blogs, I used it to highlight a jiji sponsored post.

I would have loved it more if we can add unlimited post s but for now it support just one blog post unlike the third party one you have, this is a cool way to make money from advertisers ad blog visitors willwill see tpost as a post.

Thanks for writing on this.
Victor Kachi said…
cool though..
visit my tech blog @
uthman saheed said…
I used it but it does not really make sense because of the introductory part...I wished I can remove it. That would have make it lovely and interesting.

Thanks for the post
blogecturer said…
I don't like it... featured image too large
Usoro Akpan said…
Good innovation from bloggers,that can also help affliate promoters.
Usman Shuaibu said…
Tnx for the usefull info..
blaze9 said…
ikenna uchegbu said…
I'm rocking the feature...
My blog is 1month old with 5k+ pageviews, who can beat that?
ikenna uchegbu said…
Bros jide I no try?
Bros jide pls do I need to remove all the Konga affiliate banners on my blog before applying for adsense and can I add them back when I'm approved?

Also, will I ever quality for adsense if affiliate banners are displaying on my blog?
very helpful thanks alot