How I WithDraw My AdQuet Earnings To My Advertiser Account

If you are a publisher on Adquet, you can request for your earnings to be converted to your Advertiser account, instead of withdrawing the funds to your bank account. Mind you, this is only possible once your earnings have reached the threshold.

I've transferred my earnings to my Advertiser account and now using the funds to run my adverts on the sites of Adquet publishers.

To get this done,

==> Sign in to your Adquet account
==> Click on Publisher
==> Click on "Payouts" > "Transfer to Advertiser"
==> Enter the amount you want to transfer
==> Click "Submit"

Then, you will have to wait for the withdrawal to be approved.

Once approved, switch to your Advertiser account and you will see the funds there.

Then, you can create your ads and start advertising your products and services.

I hope this helps.

Have you been able to withdraw your earnings from Adquet??


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  2. cool i noticed you are not an adsense publisher why???

    1. Uhm, maybe you just check again. there's about two adsense ads on this particular page, if I'm correct by the number.

  3. nice one ogbonge, let me go give it a try, meanwhile for your latest free browsing tricks and android tutorials, check out

  4. What is the minimum value that can be transferred?

  5. There Earning too kinda Slow..

  6. This is great. My AdQuet, ads are not performing as expected though. Thanks for this info.

  7. Super great info, Mr Jide...thanks alot!

  8. I want to delete my adquet,how?


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