Adsense And Analytics Show Different Earnings Data? Here is Why

When you link your AdSense and Google Analytics accounts, you can access two reports to help you analyze your AdSense performance in conjunction with other GA data about your site : the AdSense Pages report and the AdSense Referrers report.

adsense vs analytics

Besides those two reports, there is the "AdSense Overview" report which lets you get a high-level summary of key AdSense metrics. While on this tab, you can easily see the total estimated revenue from your AdSense account.

The AdSense earnings estimate displayed in Google analytics might not match with the actual earnings in your AdSense account because Analytics only track AdSense for content ad units, and do not include link units, search boxes, mobile ads, or any other AdSense products.

So, if most of your AdSense earnings are coming from link ads you placed on your site, that simply means the estimate that will be displayed in Google Analytics will be so low, compared to the total earnings at

I hope this helps.

To see the AdSense reports in Google Analytics:

==> Sign in to your Analytics account.
==> From the Analytics home, navigate to the account, property, and view linked to AdSense.
==> Select the Reporting tab.
==> From the left navigation, click Behavior then Publisher.

If your Adsense Pageviews doesn't match with that in Analytics, you can check out the reasons here at AdSense help center.

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  1. Thanks big bros...Need to do that almost immediately. Thanks for this hint. I've not tried that before. Thought it won't account for any differences.

  2. Oga Jide please i'm really confused,i have a hosted google adsense account but whenever i create an ad unit in it, and paste the code in my blog it won't display any ad but whenever i get the code from somebody else and replace his PUBLISHER ID with mine,the ad displays.


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