Introducing, a newly-launched online news portal for Nigerians all over the world, is a storehouse of information on every field of life, at Nigeria.

It is an online newspaper, exclusively for Nigerians, created with the aim of providing a one-stop online platform for all Nigerians to keep them updated about the country.

The website brings forth valuable information from all spheres of life: Politics, Music, education, health, travel, career and employment, property, family and home, food, dating and romance, Nigerian and International News.

all nigerians news website

The news is divided into different categories, to cater to the varying interest of the public:

  • Jobs and Vacancies : the section that links employers with candidates. This section on provides an extremely detailed list of all vacancies currently available in Nigeria. 
  • Business: This section consists of all latest news on the currents business trends, rise and fall of stock prices etc. It also provides information on how to start various businesses, online or offline.
  • Agriculture: This section contains recent developments in the agriculture sector, including agro-based business ideas and guidelines to successful farming.
  • Computer, phones and Technology: Dedicated to the tech-enthusiasts, this section comprises news on latest gadgets, operating software, mobile phones and applications etc.
  • Football and Sports: this section focuses on sports events, both and national and international level. Latest football updates on the NPFL, European Football Leagues, and UEFA Champions League.
  • Music: This section is dedicated for the updates on Nigerian music.
  • Politics: One can follow the political events of different parts of the country through this section.
  • Entertainment and Celebrity: This is the section dedicated to providing latest updates on Nigerian Celebrities and Entertainment Superstars.
  • Education: Current Education news from Nigerian Schools, universities and polytechnics is provided in this section. Various Scholarship opportunities are also posted regularly.
  • Romance & Dating: Relationship, sex and marriage issues are provided here regularly. This section also provides a platform for singles to hook-up with fellow Nigerians and find Love. 
  • Health: This section provides information on living a healthy lifestyle and other health related topics.

What makes different from conventional newspapers is the fact that it is an interactive platform with room for discussion. The site is social! can be followed through:

On the main site, the top comments/tweets on the news can be followed. The most read topics box is very convenient for the users. Most significantly, the live traffic feed area, forges a bond of unity from Nigerians of different parts of the country, as well as those living abroad.

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