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In a post published last week, I called on Nigerian bloggers to drop their blog URLs with a brief description via the comment form so I can be showcasing them on my blog for FREE every week.

Well, this week, I've decided to showcase : Arsenal Newspaper Blog.

Arsenal Newspaper is a blog run by Ameh Joseph , an English and Literature student of the University of Benin. As a die-hard supporter of Arsenal, he closely follows happenings at the football club and in turn writes updates to keep fellow fans informed.

The blog rocks a simple design and I like it for the fact that it is targeted i.e Strictly Arsenal.

From the various sections on, readers are able to easily navigate to get latest news that will make them aware of proceedings at Arsenal.

There are six categories which include Arsenal News, Injury News, Transfer News, Picture Gallery, Blog and Opinion.

Arsenal Newspaper blog

The 'Arsenal News' category lets you know what pundits, players and every other football lover are saying about Arsenal. It is under this section that players' lifestyle and interviews are also placed.

Under the 'Transfer News' section, players' recruitment and sales are reported. Whether they are transfer rumours or officially confirmed deals, you'll find them all there.

To know which players are currently sidelined, the nature of their fitness issues and their expected return dates, the 'Injury News' section is the right place to go. All updates you find there are according to excerpts from Arsene Wenger's press conferences, so they are highly reliable.

As the name implies 'Picture Gallery' showcases images from memorable moments at Arsenal. Pictures from training, matches, press conferences, social hangouts and so on are placed under this section.

The 'Blog' category discusses topics affecting Arsenal as a football merchandise while 'Opinion' allows fans give their views on particular topics.

You can check out the site at

Follow on Twitter via @ArsenalNewsP.

You can add Ameh Joseph as Friend on Facebook here.

Other call-to-action buttons to keep you connected are available on the website.

What's your take on this?

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  2. Mehn Jide, and the club come be the one wer you dey fans... Arsenal on top..

    1. abi...not the reason why I featured it though. :)

  3. It's a nice blog, Ameh is really doing a nice job and the blog deserves the blog of the week spot on Ogbongeblog...Thumbs up Jide.


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  5. choi Ameh dei try...hope my hausa blog will one day be the blog of the week

  6. Congrsts Ameh.. Hope with this review arsenal can now collect UEFA..

  7. congrats to you Bro. nice one oga jide. keep it up bro

  8. pls I need the tutorial on how to embed AdSense code inside post.

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  13. He has a nice blog but am a United fan....I hope Mr. JIDE is not a gunner?

  14. Nice blog with good navigation and specific news to pass across
    Nice one Jide

  15. It's really a nice blog. Thank for the offer



  16. I am so happy to see my blog reviewed on such a high profiled platform. Thank you very much Oga Jide and every other person who had taken time to take a peep into my blog. This will only encourage me to do more. Arsenal ti take over!

  17. Nice job Jide, take a peep on and see if it is worthy of review. Thanks in anticipation.

  18. good work needs compliment, i must say this blog is perfect. i see great work

  19. That's so nice of you to feature other bloggers. I want to be like you when I grow up! meanwhile, I am new to blogging and my blog is barely a month old. My blog tries to represent Africa, it's informative, educational, entertaining. Pls visit @

  20. Hopefully i get to be featured some day Jide..

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  22. Nice job Jide, well appreciated


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