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Today, I am introducing to you, an interesting site pioneered by my personal graphic designer,  Busari Omotola.

Hub201 is the home of young talented writers and poets who came together to inspire, educate, motivate and entertain the society with their talents. It's a blog that gives undiluted information and original write-ups from authorized sources.

Hub201 is operating a category system for easier exploring of the blog. There are seven categories namely: Article, Literary, Media, Review, Talk, Gadget and Sport.

  • ARTICLE is for health, relationship, education, politics, lifestyle, motivational and inspirational articles.
  • LITERARY is for fiction stories and poems.
  • MEDIA is for special videos and songs.
  • REVIEW is for reviews on artistic works; musics, movies, books and artistes.
  • TALK is for general talk on different aspects of life, promos, gossip and news.
  • GADGET is for latest news in tech, phones specs, internet security tips and precautions.
  • SPORT is for sports analyses and news.

Hub201.com is a place to read unusual write-ups which are strictly original and undiluted.

Explore www.hub201.com 


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Hub201.com is available on Web, Mobile and Mobile App (runs on Android OS).

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  1. I've heard of them... Does it mean we can submit guest posts to them?

    1. Sure Okolie, we allow guest posts...kindly hit our box via contact@hub201.com


  2. i could have submitted my guest to you guys , but you don't talk technology
    Techarewa blog is here

  3. Hi Mubarak,

    We accept tech articles too.


  4. This is great. What is the criteria for submitting guest post.

    1. Hello Chidi, kindly check out this page to have your guest post on Hub201

  5. have visited the site once. was directed by my mentor DON CAPARIO. love the site. please check your mail i have just submitted a guest post.

    1. Hi Mr. Ambo, we'll get back to you ASAP..thanks


  6. Nice design though.

  7. The Hub 201 site is currently not accessible, at least at the time of posting this comment.

  8. if I submit guest article there what do I get in return on my blog and also what is the volume of traffic there like? can I get backlinks to my blog? www.dekemcyonline.com

    1. Sure you'll... @DeKemcy

      We gives credit to the guest article author.


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