Keep Calm and Be C-Protected!

Imagine coming out of a shopping mall only to find out that your car has been broken into and your valuables have disappeared into thin air! That “I’m finished” moment when you realize that you have lost almost everything you have worked for to hoodlums within a few minutes.

People who have experienced this can inevitably state that it is a horrible thing to go through, while for those who have not, now is the best time to take preventive measures to avoid such.

How would you feel if you could actually park your car in the mall, church or other public places without having to go out every second to check if it’s still there, quite safe right? This is the feeling you get on securing your vehicle’s glasses (windows) with the new C-Protect by Concept Nova.

protect car from theft in lagos nigeria

To ensure that this product gets to the doorstep of every Nigerian, Concept Nova has partnered with Konga – Nigeria’s Largest Online Mall.

C-Protect, a premium anti-glass break solution helps to safeguard lives, cars and other valuables whether on the road, in public places or even when the cars are parked.

It is an invisible coat of film installed around the glass you need protected - for example; installing on car window glasses,  and vents to prevent the glass from shattering in an event of accidental glass break, theft or vandalism. At this point, the protective film holds all the pieces together, protecting occupants from injury while denying entry to a potential thief.

Starting from N3, 800, you can get C-Protect to safeguard you, your car and other valuables from the greedy hands of hoodlums. Don’t protect yourself alone; get C-Protect for family and loved ones.

You can watch video demo below:

Be amongst the first set to get your own C-Protect today! You can order directly from or from


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