Adblabla : Free Online Advertising for Bloggers and Website Owners in Nigeria

I have an interesting gist for you concerning getting online advertising in Nigeria.

We all know how important it is to get traction and viewership for a new or existing blog or for your e-business.

It is this traction and expanded readership that puts money and food in our pockets and it is also what we leverage upon to give us the much sought after advertising revenue which is every blogger and website owners’ dream.

It is also common knowledge that traditional methods of paying for online advertising and establishing a web presence can be very expensive; advertisement costs can easily get out of hand eating into our much needed revenues.

Given this challenge of creating a popular blog versus the associated cost, any new opportunity that drives the cost of advertising down in this process gives us the upper hand and this is always a welcomed.

Joining the Adblabla network of blogs and websites in Africa presents such an opportunity!

Adblabla is Nigeria’s only free online advertising adnetwork which leverages the trade by barter concept of economic trade, to allow members of the ad network widespread publicity at zero advertisement cost. i.e it allows members to promote their sites for free.

Setup in December 2015 with five loyal bloggers only on the network, Adblabla has grown and now boast of over a thousand plus sites on the ad network and now delivers an average of 200,000 impressions of free advertisement on a daily basis. The advertising network is now approaching eight(8) million impressions of free advertisement delivered till date.

So How does Adblabla Work?

Joining Adblabla is as simple as A, B, C.

a) You submit your blog on Adblabla website to join the network.

b) A code is generated for you to place on your blog. This code works like Adsense code. It allows advertisement from other members of the network to show on your blog.

c) You design and upload your own adverts. This advert will start showing on other blogs on the network as soon as it is approved.

NB : The number of pageviews Adblabla code records on your blog determines the credits that will be allocated to you, to run your own adverts on other blogs on the Adblabla network.

That's all.

It’s a simple case of using trade by barter for online advertising, everyone wins!

adblabla nigeria online advertising network

So What Next ?

So, Join this unstoppable train. Head over to Adblabla.com register your site, place adblabla code on your site, create your ads and start displaying your ads across the Adblabla network.

It's FREE.

AdBlaBla.com - Our business is promote blogs and websites in Africa for Free!

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  1. Awesome....registering right away


  2. Adblabla.. feeling the domain name.. Lool..

  3. I register in their website for my blog www.believeall.com but i have not implememnted the code in my blog yet because i thought they are fraud


  4. I will try it out... Because I need am

  5. This sounds great. Thanks for the info.


  6. Gistland247.com all the way

  7. Oh! This is goodnews nice sharing,
    Will also check it out at my leisure

  8. Wonderful tips, can't wait to join adblabla. but wait oh, the name sounds funny, lol!

  9. hope dis is true cos notin is free even in freeland
    gonna give it a try

  10. Anonymous2/15/2016

    The admin of this website is doing really great, feel free to see my site: www.aristocratworld.com

  11. nice development, i am getting on board right away. thanks for sharing.

  12. all right http://www.unitednaija.com

  13. I like the concept and will check it out


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