Blogger Sitemap XML URL You Should Add To Bing and Google Webmaster Tools

Until recently, the only way to submit a sitemap to bing or google webmaster tools was to submit an RSS or Atom feed, irrespective of whether the Blogger blog uses a custom domain or not.

Going forward, Google now automatically create sitemap for blogger blogs in the root directory, eliminating the use of RSS feeds and third-party sitemap services i.e you can now access google blogger sitemap xml at :




What this simply means is that, if you want to add blogger sitemap to google webmaster tools, all you just need to do, is to enter sitemap.xml in the space provided as seen below:

add blogger sitemap to google webmaster tools

If you want to add blogger sitemap to bing webmaster tools, enter :   or in the space provided as indicated below:

submit blogger sitemap to bing

Blogger Sitemap Page Example

An example of Blogger sitemap is the one below:


The Blogger xml sitemap is divided into sub-sitemaps, each containing a maximum of 150 links of posts published on the blog. If you access the Blogger sitemap page in a browser, you will see the sub-sitemaps it contains.

Below are examples of the Blogger sub-sitemaps that make up the parent sitemap above:

Each sub-sitemap is dynamically generated and the updates as you publish new posts on your blog and update the existing ones.

As at the time of publishing this, Blogger has generated 12 sub-sitemaps for Ogbongeblog.

This is because the total number of published posts so far on the blog is 1745 posts. 150 x 12 = 1800.

Once the total number of published posts reaches 1801, a new sub-sitemap will be automatically generated by Blogger which will make it 13 sub-sitemaps.

NB: The Blogger XML sitemap is auto-added to the Blogger robots.txt file at :

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Tunde Sanusi said…
I've added one to my sitemap long before (i guess its Atom fee) but am going to recheck for NetSocialBlog using this tutorial when am on PC
Akpene Jacob said…
Nice one, done it for my blogs long time ago but will surely follow ur tutorial when creating a new blog.

Gist pluz said…
Great info

i blog @
Nice info I did mine few weeks ago @
benjamin joshua said…
i love this. i have submitted my sitemap eight now. am waiting for google to accept it.
Henry Obinna said…
does it improve my blog's SEO as against other forms of sitemaps?
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