Jarida Wordpress Theme Tricks That Work

Jarida is a clean responsive magazine, news and blog theme for Wordpress which I like alot simply because it's very easy to customize with css and some modifications to the template files.

In this post, I'm sharing with you, some customization tricks I have applied on blogs which I've set up with Jarida theme.

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Jarida Post Views

The Jarida theme comes with Post views counter, which if enabled, will display the total number of times each post had been viewed. The number of views are displayed at the backend (admin dashboard) and also at the frontend (blog's public view).

If you are not interested in the views count, you can disable "views meta" via Jarida Settings in your WordPress admin dashboard. When you do this, views will no longer be counted.

If you would like to continue to count page views but not have them show up publicly, back-end only, you will have to modify some template files as explained below:

To hide the views counts on post pages,

Sign in to your CPanel, (www.yourdomain.com/cpanel) and use "File Manager" to navigate to "wp-content" > Jarida theme folder > includes/post-meta and delete

<?php echo tie_views(); ?>

To hide the views counts on archive pages including homepage, 

Navigate as explained above but to includes/archives-meta.php

Find echo tie_views(); and replace tie_views(); with null as seen below :

To hide only the "views" word

Navigate to the to Jarida theme folder as explained earlier, edit functions/tie-views.php and search for

 '.__( 'Views' , 'tie' ).'

and delete it. Ensure you save changes.

Number of views will keep showing at backend and frontend but the "views" word will stop showing on all pages including homepage.

Force Jarida to Display Full width on Mobile Screen With Boxed Layout Enabled

If you notice that your ads are overlapping on mobile view of your blog, add this code below to phone css : 320px to 479px ( navigate to Jarida settings > Styling)

.wrapper {
width: 100%!important;
.container, header , #main-nav,  #main-content, .content {width: 320px !important;}

Remove Date From The Jarida Posts List Widget

Sign in to cPanel, navigate to the Jarida theme folder, then functions/theme-functions.php and search for "most recent post"  or wp_popular_posts , wp_random_posts , wp_last_posts and delete the line below :

<span class="date"><?php tie_get_time(); ?></span>

Display Narrow Sidebar and the AD spaces on Tablets and Mobiles 

By default, the Jarida narrow sidebar and AD spaces don't display on mobile view.

If you want them to display, add the code below to :: Jarida Settings Tiepanel > Styling > Custom css area

.ads-top, .ads-bottom, .home-ads, .ads-post, .sidebar-narrow {display: block !important;}
.ads-top img, .ads-bottom img, .home-ads img , .ads-post img {max-width: 100% !important; height: auto;}

That's all for now.

I will be adding more codes later.

You can check out the features and download Jarida Respsonsive WordPress Theme.


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I just started a new WordPress blog and I found it very easier to use compare to blogger. I know jarida, it is a great template, but if you don't have little CSS or php knowledge, your blog will look like mess with the template.
Nice post, thanks for sharing...
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Great share Sir, thanks on behalf of WordPress users.
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