KongaPay : Benefits and How To Register

If you buy or sell on Konga.com, the term "KongaPay" will likely not be new to you but if you still don't really understand what it is all about, keep calm and continue reading.

What is KongaPay?

KongaPay is the safe, secure and convenient online payment method created in partnership with leading banks in Nigeria to ensure trust and safety for both buyers and sellers on Konga.

This method is totally convenient and puts customers in total control, as they need not worry about signing up for internet banking, applying card details repeatedly or being faced with bank transaction charges.

All they need to do is register their preferred bank card on Konga.com, once completed they can shop with ease.

konga pay online payment solution in Nigeria

​Benefits of Using KongaPay When You Buy on Konga.com

  • KongaPay eliminates the need to enter sensitive personal information such as card details or Internet banking passwords.
  • Refunds happen instantly to your bank account when you cancel an order or request a refund.
  • KongaPay has been designed to be very easy to use.

How To Register For KongaPay

  • Start by visiting : https://www.konga.com/kongapay
  • Sign in with Your Konga Account. Sign Up if you don't have. 
  • Select your bank
  • Enter your name, details of your ATM card and your BVN number
  • Click "Continue"
  • Enter your phone number, date of birth and choose a PIN. Your PIN should be 4 digits
  • Click "Continue"
  • Enter the code sent by KongaPay to your phone or email
  • Click "Complete Sign Up"

If successful, you will be a "success" notification.

Thereafter, you can start using KongaPay for all your purchases.

The next time you visit Konga online store to make a purchase, all you’ll have to do is enter the code sent to you by your bank.


==> The phone number must match the phone number linked to your bank account else, it will be throwing error that your details are not correct. In short, ensure details provided match the details on your card and bank account.

==> Verve Cards are currently not supported on KongaPay. MasterCard and Visa Card are accepted!


  1. Anonymous2/26/2016

    I tried it but no FirstBank on the list.

  2. Thanks for this post, and i must say its a good stepup for them...

  3. Hi! so konga pay is like Alipay of Aliexpress? I think it also has a disadvantage,if one's mobile phone got stolen ,it will be easier to while his account.

  4. Thanks for the info. I need to upgrade o.


  5. Very helpful...just registered and a good amt of money was cut off from my purchases. Thanks man..


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