How To Check If Your Blog is Eligible To Use Adsense Matched Content

Last year, Google introduced Matched Content for Adsense publishers; a free service that promotes relevant content from your site to your site's visitors, and can help to increase your page views and the time your readers spend on your site.

Unfortunately, the Matched content feature is not available to all publishers. To be eligible, you must have a site that meets Google's minimum requirements for traffic volume and number of unique pages.

My blog (Ogbongeblog and Mobilitaria) have been approved to create Adsense matched content units as seen in the screenshot below:

To check if your blog has been approved to use Adsense Matched Content,

==> Sign in to Google Adsense
==> Click on the Settings icon at the top right corner of the site
==> Click on "Site Management"

You will see the list of your blog and you will notice the "ready" label next to the ones that have been approved for matched content.

Has your site been approved for the Matched Content feature?

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  1. Am not using Nigerian Adsense, so i don't know if it for only nigerians, cuz i did not even see anytin beside my blog url via site management..

    I blog @ Gistpluz.com.ng

  2. Did you check on PC or on mobile?

    1. have you submitted your sites there as sites you own?

  3. My blog I created just two months old and 26 days old approved for matched content..It is unbelievable but it awesome...more pageviews...etc..

  4. Hello Mr Jide.....I've applied for adsense sometime ago but was denied.What can I do before 're-applying?

    1. Check the rejection mail you received for what and what you can do before you re apply.

  5. I can't find match content on the ad type?

    1. Have you checked if your site is eligible?

  6. Jide.. Please do you have an article.. On how to add facebook and twitter icon below posts as big as yours

  7. Sir will adsense approve sites with .xyz domains?

  8. my AdSense account is approved but Earning is remained constant within 2 months, please help me


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