Gionee M5 Mini Battery : Extreme Insane and Impossible

Recently, mobile phone manufacturing giant, Gionee, released its newest model into the Nigerian Market. The M5 Mini, which is just four weeks old, is fast becoming a favourite in the country.

It will take a while to get over its beautiful look and amazing performance, but it will take forever to get over its amazing battery capabilities. With its fast charging mode, 4000mAmp capacity and reverse charging technology, many have associated this phone with a plethora of adjectives: insane, impossible, extreme... and all thanks to the battery.

gionee m5 mini full

The challenging situation of unstable power supply in most parts of the country is one reason that the Gionee M5 Mini stands out in the midst of so many other phones. Even with stable power supply, consumers will still appreciate the freedom from always being confined by the need to charge their mobile phones every now and then.

So Gionee M5 Mini reduces the worry of rampant charging so that there can be focus on other matters. Of course, the phone will still have to be charged but the experience is nothing like the usual.

The Gionee M5 Mini has a fast charge mode that raises the battery level from zero to “ready to go” in just ten minutes. This ten-minute charge lasts long enough to give more than ninety minutes of phone talk time, more than one hundred and twenty minutes of non-stop music and an entire two days of standby!

gionee m5 super battery

If ten minutes would do that and more, one can imagine what a hundred percent will do. The way it is, very few experiences can match the feeling of having a fully charged Gionee phone. The exhilaration is hard to describe.With full battery power, one canrest assured of more than eighteen hours of non-stop call conversations, about one whole day of audio activity and a whopping standby time of two weeks.

The Gionee M5 Mini has also been built with a reverse charging technology to charge other phones just like a power bank. With enough battery to power it up, this feature comes in handy, with extra bragging rights, to save situations.

gionee m5 mini reverse charging technology

With everything that you need in today’s Smartphone, plus the battery power that invites you to indulge for as long as you want, the Gionee M5 Mini is designed for the heavy user in all of us.


  1. Hmmm, I can see that Gionee M5 mini is truly worth all the hype...but only in Nigeria because we no get light.

  2. the phone na scam joor. i regret purchasing it. 32k yet i cant move any app to SD.

  3. Jide, the Gionee M5 is a must have for all "Nigerians" lol... Until our Govt fully solve these power problems. I guess the guys at Gionee saw these and utilized the vacuum.

  4. Jide hope if some one charge Gionee M5 it can take more than 4 days because for pass 5 month now we don't have light due to Nigerian Govt economy. Just hope it will work out because i want to buy it soon.

  5. Gionee is seem to be the best phone so far with their battery capacity that last long. I really like the because of the scanner and their PDF file downloader

  6. My golden color m5 ba3 is faulty please can i get 1 from you?


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