GTBank Mastercard Missing? Block It With Text Message or Via Internet Banking

If your GTBank MasterCard gets missing and you can't instantly find your way to the nearest branch of Guaranty Trust Bank in Nigeria, you can easily block the debit card via your GTbank internet banking dashboard. You can as well get it done via SMS.

Hotlisting your debit card will prevent it from unauthorized usage. I used the GTBank debit card hotlisting SMS service last week when I couldn't locate my GTBank Naira Mastercard before I could find my way to the bank to request for a replacement.

How To Hotlist GTBank MasterCard via SMS

Text " HOTLIST (NUBAN Account Number) to 08076665555

You must send the text message using the phone number that is linked to your GTBank Mastsercard's account.

** SMS Charged applies.

How To HotList GTBank Debit Card via Internet Banking

Start by signing in to the GTBank Internet Banking Platform
Once you're signed in, click on "Cards" on the left menu and click "Card Hotlist"
Select Card Number and select the reason for hotlisting the card : suspected fraud, lost, stolen etc

hotlist debit card in nigeria gtbank

Enter your secret answer
Click Continue.
Enter your Gtbank token code and click "Submit"

That's all.

Once a lost or stolen debit card has been hotlisted, it cannot be used ever again, even if it were lost and found subsequently. Thus, if you have online payments arranged with the lost or stolen card, you should make changes with the new debit card details once you have been issued the new card. If your missing card is subsequently found, destroy it.


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